The 5 Points of Selling

January 9, 2018 Uncategorized

There are five crucial points of contact with your clients that you need to MASTER for selling in your business. We did a 5-video series of in-depth sales to help you dig in and purposefully strengthen every point of contact you have with clients. From the point you first meet them to asking them to send you more clients, we break it down and give you tools to help you succeed in each of these videos:

1) Networking & First Contact

This stage requires confidence and ownership, a clear conviction on you, your product & service and is focused on educating and enticing whilst asking important questions that keep bringing your client back to what they need. This is where we build and declare the path we’re on into a professional business and brand. Because we are not selling portraits yet, we are selling you. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

2) The Consultation

The consultation is probably the most important point of contact with your clients. This is where trust and connection are made and the most powerful skill you can apply here is relationship building. If you find yourself running into challenges with your clients later on during the shoot, or reveal, almost always the problem started here in the consultation step. I truly believe 90% of the selling is done here in this moment. Either on phone or in-person, this is the most important part or your service and education of your client and will significantly increase your chances of making a great sale.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

3) Day of Shoot

Sometimes the shoot is the first time you’re face to face with your client. Learn powerful sales techniques and learn to ask the right questions that help you create the exact product your client desires, this is the first time they are seeing your beautiful products it is important they touch hold and feel the weight of their products and start seeing what it is we are creating for them. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

4) The Reveal

Now is the time to reveal their images and help your client make a final decision on the package they will invest in. When you’ve authentically connected with your client over the first three sales steps, this step is significantly easier. Learn to speak to objections, close logical versus emotional buyers, and up-sell to bigger packages by adding on more and entice with discounts.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

5) Ask for Referrals

When you learn to welcome, and invite, and actively ASK for referrals, the future of your photography business is built on the most powerful sales and marketing tool you have access to: Word of mouth. Reward the clients that have spent money with you and create a network that keeps them in your circle so you can create evangelists for business, and most importantly, clients for life.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Go through this series, work through your selling blocks, and practice selling like a professional. Go to our private Facebook group ‘Members Only Sue Bryce Education’ and click on Craig’s Pinned post to deep dive into Sales questions.