Winners of Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation Announced

November 30, 2022 Portrait Master Awards

On Nov, 15th, the Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation announced the third-round winners of our portrait photography competition honoring top talent in the portrait photography industry. We are pleased to welcome into our ranks of accredited photographers one new fellow, 11 new masters, and 34 new associates.

The Grand Champion Award, which includes a $1500 cash prize, went to Pamela Gagnon for a stunning black and white portrait that also won top prize in the Teen & Senior Portrait category. Gagnon’s image was selected from a collection of more than 4,300 images entered by photographers from 40 countries.

Pamela Gagnon, Grand Champion, Teen & Senior Portrait Category Winner, Nov 2022.

“Pamela’s portrait is a beautiful display of in-camera capture. It portrays beautiful self-connection from the subject as she floats amongst exquisite black-and-white, moody tones. Whilst a minimalist portrait, it is simplicity in its finest form, as it oozes emotion, feeling and beauty,” said Richard Wood, the Director of The Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation.

Awards and $1000 cash prizes were also given to the top images in 12 additional categories that span a range of current portrait photography styles and genres, including Contemporary, Black & White, Documentary, Pet and Boudoir. The top 20 images in each category are featured in an online gallery. All category winners are listed below.

Malin Roksvåg, Children’s Portrait, 9th Place, June 2021.

Photographer Malin Roksvåg became a newly accredited Fellow of The Portrait Masters. Roksvåg achieved Fellow status by consistently producing remarkable photographic work that was rated highly by our international team of jurors. “Achieving the level of Portrait Masters ‘Fellow’, shows the photographer can not only achieve award level work, but can also consistently produce photography at a high professional standard well beyond master status,” Wood said. Roksvåg becomes just the 15th Fellow since the program launched in 2017.

The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation also welcomed 11 new accredited Masters and 34 new Associates, whose names are listed below. You can find the full directory of accredited photographers here.

Svetlana Pasedko, Newborn Portrait, 17th Place, Nov 2022.

About the Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation Jurying Process

Each round of The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation is juried by a team of award-wining photographers, led by Richard Wood, who is himself a recipient of numerous awards and accreditations from photography organizations including NZIPP, WPPI and Asia Pacific Photography Awards. Jurors evaluate and award scores to each photograph on a scale of 1 to 100. Images are judged on a range of creative and technical factors. Images with an average score of 70 or higher receive Bronze, Bronze with Distinction, Silver, or Gold merits. Each merit also includes accreditation points, the accumulation of which enable photographers to achieve Associate, Master, and Fellow accreditation levels.

Jeremy Rill, Contemporary Portrait, 17th Place, Nov, 2022.

About the Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation

The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation program was founded in 2017 by the creators of The Portrait System (formerly Sue Bryce Education) and The Portrait Masters, which offer online and in-person education that enables photographers to build profitable and sustainable photography businesses. The Awards and Accreditation program was created to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate high-quality, professional photographic work and to give photographers the public recognition they deserve in their profession.

Alana Lee, Creative Portrait, 9th Place, Nov 2022.

Newly Accredited Masters

Alana Lee

Angelica Page

Bettina Battaglia

Chad Owen Cox

Jennifer Craft

Karolina Skorek

Katalin Molnár

Kelly Schneider

Maundy A Mitchell

Pia Rothmann

Stephany Ficut


Newly Accredited Associates

Adam Grimm

Amanda Dudzik

Ambar Hornback

Barbara Dobbyn

Belinda Sullivan

Bonita Elias

Bridget Karam

Christina Tselnik

Connie Johnson

Fernando Rodriguez

Fran Rodgers

Genevieve Goyette

Ivor Tetteh-Lartey

Jamie Goode

Jennifer James

Jessica Briggs

Karina Neill

Laetitia Klopocki

Laurie Bell Bishop

Leticia Gaidon Bradford

Linda Mackie

Marco Barbera

Maridon Kedse

Marina Karamysheva

Michael Evans

Michelle Laskowski

Nataliya Lalor

Nataliya Volosovych

Reeshema Wood

Samantha Leon

Sheena Wolinski

Susan Haveman

Tetyana Erhart

Trudy Moylan


Category Winners

Creative Portrait — Amber Griffin

Family & Group Portrait — Hanna Neret

Maternity Portrait — Veronika Marquest

Newborn Portrait — Stephany Ficut

Children’s Portrait — Jasmin Ruff

Contemporary Portrait — Pia Maria Rautio

Teen & Senior Portrait — Pamela Gagnon

Movement — Belinda Richards

Pet Portrait — Gina Marie Soule

Boudoir — Dustin McClure

Wedding — Loc Le

Black & White Portrait — Diane Hanna

Challenge Category: Documentary — Annie Marie

Mary Bevard, Challenge Category: Documentary, 5th Place, Nov 2022


On behalf of The Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation Judges and everyone at The Portrait System, we heartily congratulate all newly accredited Masters and Associates and the winners of Round Three of the 2022 PMA Competition. Once again, we were so proud and delighted to see all of the incredible entries. The level of skill in this community of professionals continues to grow by leaps and bounds as you challenge yourselves to ever higher levels of excellence. We can’t wait to see what you all will create next!

You can learn more about Awards & Accreditation here.