Mentor Network

If you need extra guidance, encouragement, coaching and inspiration, tap into our member network to get one-on-one attention. Our mentors have each built successful, sustainable businesses using The Portrait System business model. They are longtime members and leaders in our community. And many have achieved Master or Fellow distinctions from our Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation program.

Asheville, NC

Cat Ford Coates

Portrait Photographer, Educator, Speaker and Portrait Masters Fellow

Specializes in:
Business Mastery
Business Scaling

Cat Ford-Coates is an accredited Portrait Masters Fellow Photographer. She specializes in business mastery, destination, and studio portraiture.

She has photographed clients in; Venice, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Charleston, Mexico, and Costa Rica as well as has a thriving portrait studio in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Cat Co-Hosted The 12 Month Startup with Saray Taylor-Roman and Sue Bryce throughout 2023 and she has a staff of Photographers in the Asheville studio to serve her community while she is on the road.

She offers a beautiful diversity of perspectives to each client with the intention of showcasing their highest levels of service to show them what is possible for their own artwork and in their own lives.

When was the last time you sat for a Portrait? When was the last time you experienced being visible to others in your own life? When was the last time you let your guard down and allowed yourself to be cared for in creating portraiture you’ll be proud to share? I would love to photograph you.

Cat Ford-Coates is an official Mentor for The Portrait System for Portrait Photographers. She offers 1:1 guidance to help business owners comprehend the material fully, provides accountability, and supports her mentees in a way which allows them to confidently build their businesses from a sustainable foundation.

San Diego, CA

Ann Landstrom

Studio Owner/Ann Photography LLC & Branding CEO

Specializes in:
Sales Funnels, Marketing and Branding

Ann is an award-winning, master photographer in San Diego, CA with over 20 years in the photography industry. She has photographed public figures, worlds top entrepreneurs and influencers. She has been featured in magazines, numerous podcasts, The Portrait System educational videos and studio tours. After walking away from an abusive marriage and ending up homeless with nothing at age 50, with a lot of hard work and determination and using the The Portrait System business model, Ann built a successful six-figure studio and also became part of the TPS support team. Ann specializes in Branding, Boudoir and Fine Art Portraits. Her passion and drive is to bring out the best version of each of her clients to elevate their business and also their self-esteem. She is passionate about helping others build and pursue their dreams.

Ann has numerous courses in the works. For more information visit her site.

Westlake Village, CA

Kitti McMeel

Photographer, Mentor/Coach, Author

Specializes in:
Studio Startup

Kitti is a Portrait Photographer, Mentor/Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker, and one of Sue Bryce’s international support team. She has been featured in numerous print publications and her studio has been featured twice on Sue Bryce’s Studio Tours web series, which highlights highly successful portrait studios worldwide. Kitti was personally mentored and trained by Sue Bryce, has achieved the top level in the Portrait Masters Accreditation program of Fellow Photographer, and serves as a mentor for The Portrait System. Her live Mother-Daughter portrait shoot is featured on the The Portrait System education platform and her podcast interview on the Portrait System Podcast was one of the most-downloaded episodes. She is the author of Resilient an accounting of her life’s journey to inspire photographers young and old to follow their dreams and it is never too late to make those dreams a reality!

Kitti also offers Photoshop and Lightroom actions, color profiles and presets, email templates, Folio Reviews and her latest book, Resilient. Visit her site for more information.

Cleveland, MS and Memphis, TN

Hadonica Murphy

Hadonica's Photography

Specializes in:

Hadonica Murphy has created a successful portrait business after quitting her job as a fulltime Nurse Practitioner. She uses her skills to Empower others to quit their soul sucking jobs and create the life they want and deserve.

Hadonica’s specialties include coaching in shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance; mastering the sales room; and clear client communication from the first lead to the end of delivery.

Hadonica also offers client self-care magazine guide to get your client in the best mindset for their photoshoot.

Austin, TX

Felicia Reed


Specializes in:
Self Value: Money and Mindset

Felicia Reed is a certified life coach who specializes in abundance mindset and releasing limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your goals in life and in business. Reed has been in business for seven years. She grew a six-figure business in the front bedroom and dinning room in her home. Felicia’s greatest skill is mindset over everything. When you believe it you can achieve it.

Felicia’s products include: Makin’ Money Moves 4-week course; 52 Weeks of Social Media (Done for you captions); 52 Weeks of Newsletters (Done for you emails); Client Questionnaires and Workflow email templates. Visit her site for more information.

Santa Barbara, CA

Ashleigh Taylor

Educator & Business Coach

Specializes in:
Glamour + Boudoir Portrait

Ashleigh Taylor is a portrait photographer based in Santa Barbara, California. She is an accredited Master photographer with The Portrait Masters. Ashleigh has been a professional, fulltime photographer since 2010. She started in Weddings and her work was published in The Knot Southern California, Ceremony Magazine, Style Me Pretty & Green Wedding Shoes—just to name a few. In 2013, Ashleigh opened her brick-and-mortar boudoir & portrait studio in Santa Barbara, and in 2016 she transitioned to shooting portraits fulltime (leaving weddings behind). She has been recognized four years in a row as one of the top two photographers in Santa Barbara by the Santa Barbara Independent. In 2016, due to the success of her studio she was featured on Sue Bryce’s Studio Tours series. Ashleigh is an official mentor with The Portrait System. She also is an educator with The Portrait Masters, where she has two courses—one that teaches photographers how to book more clients using Instagram and one that teaches photographers the ins and outs of getting fully booked using Facebook Ads.

Ashleigh offers online courses and guides; 1:1 coaching; group mastermind coaching; as well as free resources for photographers on her site. She is also an Instructor with courses featured on

Memphis, TN or worldwide

Tammy Zurak

Business Sales, Growth, and Branding Mentor

Specializes in:
Business Development & Sales Growth
Personal Branding

Tammy spent her first business lifetime (26 years) in a corporate career with several big brand retail Fortune 500 companies in both business to business and business to consumer developing their growth and increasing sales.

She managed teams of salespeople based in retail locations and in the field to develop their own book of business, create their own brand, and build their business skillsets.

Her second career as a portrait photographer was developed by learning photography working under Sue Bryce and led to becoming one of the original mentor team supporting students in her groups and helping with her workshops around the world over the years.

Tammy’s portrait and coaching business has now spanned more than a decade. Her superpower is working with people who have developed their craft and now want to learn the crucial next steps to go beyond startup to full-fledged and sustainable businesses. She’s worked in groups and one to one with countless photographers from Sue’s community over the years, as well as a variety of local small business owners in her community to launch or simply grow existing businesses to more success.

This fast tracking most often happens through defining goals, providing accountability, putting processes into place, developing client sourcing and most importantly growing self-confidence and so much more.

The main take aways her mentees have agreed on are that they learned to become comfortable selling themselves and their businesses, they now understood how to charge appropriately and represent the value in what they do, overcame the fear of putting themselves out there, and developed a polished brand identity to market with.

Not only does Tammy teach, but she continues to photograph clients in her Personal Branding specialty.

She has received a Master Level Accreditation through the Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation program, as well as won many local awards and recognition after having built her own brand as a top photographer in her area.

Tammy offers one to one mentoring, group classes online and in person workshops.

You don’t take her word for it though, she encourages you to visit her website to read her students testimonials and find out more about her classes here:

Fargo, ND or worldwide

Bethany Tubman Johs


Specializes in:
Campaigns, Galas
Networking & Retouching

Bethany Johs is a seasoned portrait and boudoir photographer from West Fargo, North Dakota, who established her photography business in 2012. Her experience and talent have made her a mentor for Sue Bryce Education in 2016. Though she’s moved away from one-on-one mentoring in recent years, she has shifted her focus to providing resources, courses, and tools for fellow photographers. In 2021, she launched a retouching service for portrait and boudoir photographers. While juggling multiple revenue streams, Bethany still remains passionate about providing her clients with a luxury experience and reminding them that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and cultures. As a wife and mother of two, Bethany knows the importance of capturing special moments and making them last a lifetime.”

Bethany Tubman Johs
Mentoring group:
Portrait website:
Boudoir website:
Retouching website:

London, UK

Lenka Jones


Specializes in:
Folio Building
Studio Startup

Lenka Jones is an accredited Master Portrait Photographer based in Berkshire, UK. She has made a transition from being a busy wedding photographer to focusing on the art of capturing soulful portraits. In 2016, she opened her own portrait studio in Bray, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career. With her natural talent for connection and styling and a gift for capturing the true essence of her subjects, Lenka has quickly gained recognition as one of the most sought-after Portrait photographers in the UK. Her artful approach to styling and posing and beautiful connection, results in soulful portraits that showcase the authentic beauty of her subjects.

Lenka has been an official mentor with The Portrait System since 2018 and has worked alongside Sue Bryce at workshops both in the U.S and Europe. She has been featured in The Portrait System podcast, educational videos and Studio Tours. She’s passionate about helping photographers build a folio that they love and run a profitable portrait studio of their dreams. Her own experience of building a successful portrait studio in the UK, allows her to provide invaluable insights and guidance to both, aspiring photographers and professional photographers .