Welcome! This is the Members-Only group for paid, active members of The Portrait System

This is a positive space for portrait photographers to focus on honing their craft and growing their business. Members of this group inspire and help each other become the best versions of ourselves in our profession.

A Note From Sue Bryce:

Welcome new members. You are about to enter a powerful community of Photographers and Business builders from all around the world. I poured my heart and soul into The Portrait System and I have not seen a community thrive like it. We take great pride in this special network and the support we give each other. You will find many at start-up level peers, and many in the 2-3 year zone, and others intermediate and advanced. We all help each other as a rising tide lifts all ships, and steel sharpens steel, let’s go!


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  • Introduce yourself! Let us know who you are, what you do, and what your current goals are.
  • When you share your work, upload the photo or video directly to the group instead of sharing your social media pages.
    Include a caption with your post! You will get a lot more engagement if there is context with your post. Do you want constructive criticism? Are you proud of your photo and just want to share? Do you have a question related to business? Do you need help? Be specific!
  • This is NOT a place to promote yourself. We encourage you to share your work with the group, but promoting anything you sell, your workshops, or soliciting others for your own professional gain will be grounds for removal. NO promotions or affiliate links. You are welcome to share products you like, but not if it is for personal or professional gain.
  • Keep it positive! We encourage CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, discussion, and debate, but if it devolves into anything negative or if something happens between two (or more) people outside of this group, leave it outside. That said, if we get wind of any members sending harassing DMs to another member, or we see drama going down on a thread, removal from the group will be considered.
  • Hate speech, racism, homophobia, transphobia, personal attacks, trolling or generally mean behavior will NOT be tolerated and you will be removed from the group immediately.
  • No private messaging other group members! The reason for this is that Sue is an open book with her education and we need to keep discussions in the group so others can learn.
  • No soliciting money (this includes asking for donations via GoFundMe pages, etc).
    No offshoot groups of “Sue Bryce” or “Sue Bryce Education” or “The Portrait Masters” or “The Portrait System.”

If in doubt, ASK PERMISSION–tag Nikki Closser, Bethany Tubman Johs, Saray Taylor-Roman, or Ella Ketzner.

The TPS Legal Disclaimer: As this is a private group, We, (The Portrait System/The Portrait Masters), reserve the right to delete any post, deny access or remove any member at any time, without notice, that violates our rules. These rules are outlined above