4 Shopping Demographics

Girl Power: 10-30 years old.

Independent Woman: 30-50 years old with no children.

Family First: teens-50 years old with children.

50 & Fabulous: 50-100 years old.

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40 over 40

  A campaign celebrating the beauty of women over 40 years old.

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50 & Fabulous Marketing 

Shopping demographic: 50-100 years old.

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90 Day Challenge

A program created by Sue Bryce providing education and a workflow to get students from startup to the business phase of portrait photography.

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Accordion Card

Fold-out business card with client promotional images on it of your target markets. You can get the accordion card template from the SBE shop. To print them, you can go to Whitehouse, Millers, Pro DPI, etc.

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Adobe RGB & CMYK

Color profiles in printing.

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Ambient Lighting

Diffused, non-directional lighting that doesn’t appear to come from a specific source, but rather, light from bouncing off walls, ceilings, and other objects.


 A range of paintable textured wall coverings made from paper or vinyl. It is produced on traditional paper and paste-the-wall substrates.

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 A video & slideshow creator with free licensed music. It’s great for creating marketing videos with music for your business, creating awesome slideshows & videos with music for your client reveals, evoking emotions & enticement for up sells to your clients, and for selling individually to your clients.

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Anti Alias

A process in image editing that smooths rough edges in images.


In optics, an aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels. More specifically, the aperture and focal length of an optical system determine the cone angle of a bundle of rays that come to a focus in the image plane.


A type of noise in an image or component produced in error by a digital camera.

Aspect Ratio

The proportions of an image as printed, displayed on a monitor, or captured by camera.

Auto Focus

 A camera setting that allows the camera to choose the correct focus distance for you.



A background used to help set the scene of a portrait. Canvas and seamless paper are very common backdrops for portrait photography.


 Lighting that comes from behind the subject, often used with other lighting or a reflector to light the front.

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A lighting effect produced when the main light source is located behind the subject.

Barrel Distortion

A lens defect that causes straight lines at the top or side edges of an image to bow outward into a barrel shape.

Beauty Dish

A circular light modifier designed to spread light on both sides of the face.

Beauty light

Lighting that is flat and evenly lit.

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Before-and-After Album

Album of before & after shots of your clients looking clean cut & gorgeous before their shoot on one page and their final beautiful images from their shoot on the other page. Great to use and show at networking events & trade shows. Also great to have on your makeup stand for clients to look through while they’re in hair & makeup.

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Behind-the-Scenes Video

Video showing the behind the scenes of your shoot. It needs to be the most impactful story in the shortest amount of time.

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Bevel & Emboss

A styling tool in Photoshop that gives your images a beveled or embossed look at the edges. Located in the FX tab.

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Black Point

The tonal level of an image where blacks begin to provide important image information. Usually measured using a histogram.


A place online, linked to your website, where you can write posts about your clients and your work. Write up one paragraph with two images. Great for capturing leads, acquisitions, and creating connection.  If you don’t like blogging, ask your clients to write their blog for you.

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Image distortion caused when a photosite (color pixel in a sensor) has absorbed all the photons it can handle. Additional photons overflow to other pixels producing unwanted brightness and overexposure around the edge of objects.


A word that describes the out-of-focus area of an image in an aesthetic manner.


Refers to a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. The photos are tasteful and nudity is typically implied rather than explicit.

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Taking a series of photos of the same subject at different settings.

Broad Lighting

 Portrait lighting setup where the main light source illuminates the side of the face closest to the camera.

Budget Framing

A cheap frame with no glass and no mounting. You can easily change the photo out because it’s not mounted into the frame. Good for a display frame in your studio.

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A camera setting used for long exposure. The shutter opens when the shutter button is pressed and remains open until the shutter button is released.


A darkroom technique used in film to darken parts of the image. Similar effects are used with digital imaging editing.

Burst Mode

A camera mode set to take multiple shots in a short period of time.



A process used to correct the differences in the output of a printer, software, and monitor.

Call to Action (CTA)

A simple, direct request that can either be in person or in writing.

In person examples:

Giving someone your card and inviting them to contact you.  Asking for the sale.

In writing:

On your website, a call to action could be: Join our Mailing List!

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Camera RAW

A Photoshop plugin that can manipulate the unprocessed images captured by digital cameras.

Career Women & Women in Business

 Shopping demographic: Career Women & Women in Business

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 An undesirable tinge of color in an image.

Champagne Parties

A by-invitation marketing and networking event hosted by you, serving champagne, food, and giveaways. Each invitee brings two friends who have never been photographed by you before. Make it the event to be at.

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Chromatic Aberration

An image defect, often seen as green or purple fringing around the edges of an object.  Caused by the lens failing to focus all colors of a light source at the same point.

Client Testimonials

A brief endorsement from your client, talking about their personal experience with you and your brand.

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An image created from two or more parts of other images. It can be taken from single or multiple photos.


The arrangement of the main subject, other subjects, objects, foreground, and background in a photograph.

Constant Lighting

Artificial lighting that is constantly on. Does not flash.


The meeting process before the shoot to find out how they want to be photographed and who they want to be photographed with. To educate your clients on price, and for them to education anyone else who may be involved in the viewing appointment. To excite & educate them on what to bring to the shoot.

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Consultation Call

A scheduled call to talk with a potential client to find out what they are wanting and to educate them on your pricing & process.  The intent is to book a shoot date.

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Contemporary Portrait

A photograph created in our modern time, reflecting our values of today.

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Contemporary Portrait Brand

Modern, Vanity Fair, magazine-style portraits.

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Content Aware

A tool in Photoshop that can help you extend your backgrounds.

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Continuous Autofocus

An automatic focusing setting in which the camera constantly refocuses on a subject as you frame the picture, or as the subject moves in the picture. Great for subjects that are moving.


The range between the lightest and darkest tones in an image.

Creative Market

Online shop for creatives to purchase ready-to-use magazine templates, design templates, fonts, graphics, etc.

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Trim an image by adjusting its borders, removing part of the image.


Dance Style Portraits

Gorgeous portraits you can offer your everyday clients who would like a fashion-style movement & dance session.

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A term used in women’s fashion, referring to the upper part of a woman’s torso – her neck, shoulders, back, and upper chest – that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing.

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A particular sector of a population by age, gender, occupation, nationality, ethnic background, sexual orientation, etc.  The shopping demographics you want to market to.

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Depth of Field

The area in a photograph where portions of the image are sharp.


To reduce the purity or vividness of a color, making it washed out or diluted.


You can DIY design or outsource your design – there’s always a choice. Upload templates for everything from logo design to marketing magazines. You can buy templates from the SBE shop & get resources from places like Creative Market.

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Destination Shoots

Shooting clients all around the world. It can be where they want to be photographed, or if you are travelling to that destination, you can put a call out to do a shoot. Of course, you need to price accordingly.

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Diffused Lighting

Soft, low-contrast lighting.

Digital PDF

Marketing PDF of your best work and photoshoot information that you email to potential clients.

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Digital Wall Portrait Series

A digital display of prints dropped into digital frames to show and entice clients, so they see themselves in wall portraits and want to own them.

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Digital Wall Portrait Templates

Digital wall portrait templates are wall frame templates that you can create in Photoshop to show to your clients how their photographs will look in a frame on the wall. 

You can photograph your own frames or you can purchase pre-designed digital wall portrait templates from the SBE shop.

Refer to: The Marketing Intensive Workshop, Video 6: “Videos and Printables” for instruction videos on how to create your own.

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Eyepiece of the camera used to correct the eyesight of the photographer.

DIY Design

Learning how to design your own marketing materials.

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DIY Photoshop Design

Photoshop templates that you can use for your business. Available in the DOWNLOADS section. Other designs are also available for purchase in the SBE shop.

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Lighten tones in a photograph with processing techniques.


These are free templates and resources that Sue has created for members to download, keep, and use. DOWNLOADS PAGE is located at the top bar of the SBE website.

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Dots per square inch. Resolution of an image. Originally used to express the number of printer dots in an inch.

Dream Package

A photoshoot that is big, bold, beautiful, and priced accordingly.

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Dream Shoot Marketing

Dream shoot is whatever you make it. Make it special and make it an option in your marketing. It could be created anywhere in the world. Of course, you need to price accordingly.

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Dream Shoots

The highest package you offer. The most amazing experience your clients can dream of being photographed in.

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Digital Single Lens Reflex. A camera in which the viewfinder sees the same image as the sensor.

Dye Sublimation

A printing technique in which solid inks are heated and transferred to a polyester substrate to form an image.


E Motion

Emotion, energy in motion.

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A stand for displaying large mounted prints, framed prints or canvas, etc.

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Large prints, large mounted prints, large framed prints & canvas, etc. Usually 16 x 24 in size and bigger.

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Someone who has been photographed by you who loves your work & what you do, and tells everyone about how wonderful you are.

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Exchangeable Image File Format. Developed to standardize the exchange of image data between hardware devices and software. Contains information including: time, date, camera settings, registered name, etc.


The amount of light allowed to reach the film or sensor. Determined by the intensity of the light, the camera aperture, and the shutter speed.

Eyedropper Tool

A software tool (Photoshop, etc.) that is used to sample one color from part of an image, so it can be used with other tools.



The relative size of the lens aperture. Helps determine exposure and depth of field.

Facebook Ads

Paid Facebook ads. You can do them yourself, or have a professional do them for you.

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Facebook Business Page Add On

Add a “Sign-up, Learn more, Book now” button, and make sure it’s active.

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Facebook Business Pages

A page you create on Facebook that is specifically for your business. You can reach more customers, prospects, and “friends” of customers than nearly any other marketing channel.

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Facebook Pixel

A code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and re-market to people who already have taken some kind of action on your website.

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Fall Away

The part of an image that is past the area in focus.

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Family First Marketing

Shopping demographic: teens-50 years old, with children.

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Family Marketing

Shopping demographic: families & generations.

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Fashion Stylist

A professional stylist that comes to your shoot with amazing gowns & clothing to style your clients for their shoot.

Feather (Image)

Fade out a part of an image, such as the borders, or cutouts, etc., so it will blend more smoothly with another layer.

Feather (Light)

Turn the light away from the subject, or position the subject at the edge of the light to create a more even soft light.

Fill Lighting

Fill in the shadows – with lights, reflectors, etc.

Film Noir

Dark, moody, film-style portraits.

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Filter (Lens)

A device that fits over the lens, changing the light in some way.

Filter (Processing)

A feature that changes the pixels in an image to create various effects.

Flash Sync

The timing mechanism that ensures that an electronic flash fires at the correct time during the exposure cycle.


An image with low contrast.

Focal Length

The distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus, usually stated in millimeters. How much zoom a lens is.

Focal Plane

The linear area perpendicular to the camera where the focus is sharpest.


Adjust a lens on a target to produce a sharp image.

Folio Box

A beautifully made box used to hold and display personal matted images.

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Folio Build

Mastering your craft & photography skills by creating a body of work that you love with unpaid subjects. Getting ready to showcase & sell to future potential clients.

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Framing (In Camera)

Composing your image in the viewfinder of your camera.

Free Styling

Open and free posing with no props. Cover girl. Standing flow posing.

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Chromatic aberration that produces fringes of color around the edges of subjects. It’s caused by the lens’ inability to focus the various wavelengths of light onto the same spot.

Front Lighting

Illumination that comes from the direction of the camera to the subject.


Capturing lead generations & acquisitions.

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Gaff Tape

A strong durable tape used in photography that doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind.

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Photo gallery/galleries on your website. Note: Always make your gallery the first drop-down menu on your website.

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Generation Shoots

Multiple generations of the same family in one photoshoot.

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A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

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Gift Voucher

A voucher given as a gift which is exchangeable for goods and services. It is not redeemable for cash. It can be given to entice people into your studio. It can be given to your current database clients as a reward. It can be given as a gift referral. It can be sold for a dollar amount to be used towards the purchase of prints, and it can be added to your website for sale with a buy now button.

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Girl Power

Shopping demographic: girls, 10-30 years old.

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Girls Day Out

Best friends, sisters, cousins, aunties, women’s groups.

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Glam the Dress

Gorgeous, stylized portrait shoots to glam your client’s wedding dress/formal dress/gown, etc. They can bring their own dress, or you can help your clients purchase the perfect dress for their session. You can link the photo to the designer of the dress as well.

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Google Phone Number

A phone number that isn’t your personal number to put on your website so people can call you. Costs about $5 per month.

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Noise in an image – film and digital – that is part of the natural image and/or added in a post-process.

Gray Card

A card used to determine correct exposure.


Hair & Makeup Artist (HMUA)

Someone you contract for a fee or employ to do hair & makeup on your clients. If you employ them, you can also train them to do other things in your studio, such as editing.

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The brightest part of an image.


A graph representing how many highlights, mid-tones, and shadows are in the image.

Home Studio

A space in your home that you set up as a working studio.

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Hot Light (Light Source)

Bright light that is uneven and overexposes parts of the image.

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Hot Shoe

Mount on top of a camera used to operate devices such as flashes and controllers.


In-Person Presentation Marketing

Talks, events, networks, community, trade shows, connections. The left-hand column of the 12 Paths To Bookings.

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In-Person Sales

Selling face-to-face with your client, whether in person or via zoom, skype, etc., where there is direct connection & emotion. This is not the same as online galleries where you can’t see or feel emotion, and you can’t up-sell.

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Independent Woman

Shopping demographic: 30-to-50 years old, no children.

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This social media platform is great for photographers because it’s image rich.  It’s a great marketing tool for your business and for adding to your website.

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International Standard of DPI

300 dpi.

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International Organization for Standardization. A governing body that provides standards used to represent film speed or equivalent light sensitivity of a digital camera’s sensor.



Joint Photographic Experts Group. A file format supporting 24-bit color and a reduced size for storage and transfer efficiency.


Landing Page

A campaign-specific page with just one single call to action and no website navigation.  Its purpose is to collect data & leads.

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In portraits, landscape refers to shooting the image with a horizontal crop.


A processing method used to manage elements of an image in stackable overlays that can be manipulated separately.


Potential client.

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Lead Acquisition Marketing

When someone agrees to give you their phone number or email, you have acquired their contacts for conversation, giving you permission to create a marketing database with their details.

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Lead Conversion

Converting the lead acquisition into a sale.

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Lead Generation Marketing

Marketing your business with the intention of generating leads.

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Legacy Portraits

Portraits that you create and leave for the generations to come.

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Lens Flare

An effect produced by the reflection of light internally among the elements of a lens. Caused by a bright light source within or just outside the field of view.

Light Meter

A device used to measure the intensity of light. It can give camera settings for proper exposure. Most digital cameras have built-in light meters.

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A symbol or design that identifies your business brand.

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The brightness or intensity of an image. Determined by the amount of grey in a hue.


Magazine Template

Magazine style marketing templates are ready-made templates that you can drop your own images and text into.  This is a great tool for promoting your business.  We have magazine templates available in the SBE shop.

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Magazine Video

Animated digital marketing PDF created in Animoto.

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Creating a plan for the photoshoot – poses, wardrobe, and lighting – from start to finish.

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Market Video Builder

Custom text added to your slideshow/video created in Animoto.

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Marketing Database

A marketing database is a list of potential and existing clients.

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Marketing Message

Your why.

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Marketing Pitch

A line of talk/description about who you are, what you do, and what you can do for potential clients to fill their needs, entice them, and solve some problems they need solving.

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Marketing Superpowers

Presentation marketing and publishing marketing.

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Marketing Value Metric

Is a confidence and ownership metric.

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Parts of an image with tones of intermediate value, usually in the 25%-75% range. Adjustable in post-processing.

Model Call

A process for selecting models – typically used to build a portfolio and/or marketing campaigns.


An image with a single color and white.

MOO Printing

Printing company that prints gold-foil gift cards & business cards, etc.

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Mothers & Daughter Marketing

Shopping demographic: mothers & daughters.

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Mothers Business Networking Groups

Networking groups for mothers where you can take your children along.

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Mounted Prints

Prints mounted on a backing board with a border.

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Moving Portraits

Four-second, slow-motion video that Sue Bryce created and calls a Moving Portrait.

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Natively Upload Your Videos

It pays to natively upload your videos to each platform individually instead of linking one video from one platform only.

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Natural Light

Light that is not artificial –  sunlight.

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Negative Fill

This is when you use a flag or the black side of a show card to prevent light from reflecting on a subject.

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Networking Groups

Business groups. Become a member or create your own monthly meetup.  Preferably these are not with other photographers. These groups are where you are going to do your biggest business.

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Neutral Density Filter

A grey camera filter that reduces the amount of light entering the camera without affecting colors.


Someone just starting out on their photography & self-value journey.

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In an image, pixels with randomly distributed color values. A product of low light and/or long exposure conditions. High ISO.

Noise Reduction

Post-processing method for reducing the amount of noise in an image.



An octagon-shaped light modifier used to soften and diffuse photography lighting.

Online Publishing Marketing

Blog, design, videos, stories, social media, and the concepts & ideas.

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Organic Reach

Interesting content posts that reach many people for free as opposed to paid advertising. When you post interesting social media content about your photoshoots, people engage with it organically without you needing to pay for it to be seen.

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A low, upholstered seat or footstool without a back or arms. Great to use in portraits for posing.

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Outsourcing Design

Paying for someone to design your marketing materials for you.

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A condition where too much light reaches the film or sensor, producing bright parts of an image, often not recoverable in post-processing.


Being confident. Taking full ownership of what you want and what you are putting on display.

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Paid Reach

You pay Facebook to boost your posts, so they reach more people.

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Paying Client

A client that is coming in for a photography session with the outcome to purchase photographs. This is not a portfolio building model.

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Personal Branding

Styled photographs that represent you & your business brand, such as corporate headshots, business branding imagery, dating profiles, etc.

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Philanthropic Marketing Event

Generous and benevolent organizations seek to promote the welfare of others through activities such as charity events. Taking part in such events is a great tool for marketing yourself while doing good.

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The way you market and sell. How you present in person and online.

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The smallest element of a screen display that can be assigned a color.

Pixel Peep

Zooming in to edit every tiny detail.

Polarizing Filter

A filter that forces light, which normally vibrates in all directions, to vibrate in a single plane, reducing or removing glare and reflections.


Plastic panels used to make backdrops.

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Portfolio Building

Offering a free shoot with a gift in exchange for using the images for marketing in your portfolio. This is not a paid shoot or a paying client.

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Portrait Session Design Form

A form you put on your website with questions to pre-qualify potential clients & capture new leads.

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A particular way of standing or sitting while being photographed.

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Posing Table

A small table designed & used in photography for posing.


Selling ideas & concepts to clients for their shoots, e.g., glam the dress shoot. Helping the client choose & pre-buy the dress for their shoot, etc. The more pre-selling before the shoot, the more connected the client is, the better the shoot is, and the more powerful the sale is. Pre-selling is doing the work before the shoot, so you get paid after the shoot.

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Presentation Marketing

Attending and/or speaking at events to promote your business. This may include:  talks to local groups, charity events (that you create or attend), networking groups & business groups, community groups, churches, sport events, theater groups, and trade shows. Also included are connections between friends, family, and word of mouth.

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Presentation Talks

Anywhere you can stand up and speak to a group of people (small or large).

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Prime Lens

A lens with a fixed aperture.

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All your email marketing & print marketing materials – PDFs for email, accordion cards, magazines, brochures, etc.

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Printing Companies

MOO, Whitehouse, Millers, Pro DPI, MagCloud, Vista Print, UPrinting, etc.

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A file format made in-camera that includes all unprocessed information captured.


A technique where you achieve focus, then move the camera to frame your subject. If not done properly, it will lead to an out of focus image.

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Referrals are new clients referred to you from existing, happy clients.

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A device used to reflect light onto a subject to fill in shadows.


A fee paid in advance in order to secure services for when they are required.

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To edit an image, remove flaws, and add effects.

Reveal Wall

A display of mounted images from your client’s session ready to be purchased the same day of their viewing. Also, a great tangible marketing tool to entice your clients to purchase on the day. What people touch, they want to own.

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RGB Color Mode

Color mode that represents three colors: red, green and blue. Used by electronic devices, like monitors, to reproduce color.

Rim Light

A lighting technique where the subject is backlit and the image is exposed to hide the subject’s features in shadow, producing a rim of light on the outline of the subject.

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The purity of color. The amount by which pure color is diluted with white or grey.

Save as a High Res JPG 300 dpi

High-resolution, compressed file at 300 dpi. Standard printing file.

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Save as a Tiff File 300 dpi

High-resolution, non-compressed file at 300 dpi.

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SBE Shop

Where you can purchase photography classes, photoshop & lightroom classes, presets & textures, posing cards & guides, and music.

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A device used to diffuse light.

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SD Card

Secure Digital Memory Card. Very common for most cameras.

Seamless Paper

Backdrop paper on a large roll that comes in a variety of colors.

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Valuing your time, your product, and your service.

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Seniors Marketing

Shopping demographic: high school seniors.

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Website search engine optimization.

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Increase the sharpness of an image in post-processing.

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Shoot and Burn

Cheap, fast photoshoot. Low service and products. Below professional standards in all aspects of the photography business.

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Shoot Database

  A database of clients you have photographed.

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Shoot Through

Photographing your clients through a window, or adding things to your lens such as fabric, glass, crystal, branches, etc. to shoot through.

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Shutter Speed

In photography, shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light. It is also refers to the duration of time the camera’s shutter is open when taking a photograph. The amount of light that reaches the film or image sensor is proportional to the exposure time.

Side Lighting

Light falling on the subject from the side (relative to the position of the camera).


The dark shape of someone visible in restricted light against a brighter background. An outline that appears dark against a light background.

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Sitting Fee

A fee paid by a client to book the photoshoot.

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Single Lens Reflex. A camera in which the viewfinder sees the same image as film or sensor.

Smaller Resolution Photos

Having smaller resolution photos on your website makes it much faster for your website to load. You get 3 – 30 seconds before someone gets frustrated with the load speed.

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A mobile photo editor created by Google.

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Social Media Connection

Be consistent, be interesting, be engaging, and stand out. Give education (information), ask questions, and comment back. Be enticing and desirable, be obvious, speak plainly, and be emotional.

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Social Media Engagement

When people like, heart, share, and interact with your social media content & posts.

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Soften Fingers

Relaxing the fingers to be less rigid. Ballet hands.

Spot Meter

An exposure system that concentrates on a small area in the image.

Standard of Beauty

Showing all races, colors, nationalities, body shapes & sizes, and hair color.

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Starting Price

The minimum starting price for your images or packages.

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Startup Phase

Folio building clients, designing your marketing, networking your business, and getting clients.

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Strobe Lighting

High-powered, off-camera flash.

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Style Guide

A guide educating your clients on what to bring to wear for their session.

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Sue Bee

A student of Sue Bryce Education.


Target Demographic

The clientele you are wanting to attract and go after.

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Target Market

Same as Target Demographic – the clientele you want to attract and photograph.

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Target Marketing on Facebook

Defining the exact market you want to attract in your Facebook ads marketing strategy.

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Terms of Use & Privacy

You must have these on your website in order for you to acquire lead generations or acquisitions. They also protect you from being sued. You can purchase them from The Law Tog.

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Test Print

Do one test print of your image or marketing material with the printer to proof before you do a whole batch to ensure you have the correct colour & brightness in your images.

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The Law Tog

Legal contracts & resources for photographers. Important Note: The legality of these contracts and resources can vary from state to state & country to country.

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A mini copy of a page or image that provides a preview of the original.


Tagged Image File Format. A standard graphics file format that can be used to store grayscale and color images plus selection masks. It uses a lossless method that doesn’t lose image information.

Time Lapse

A process in which an event is captured over time.

Toggle (Focal Point)

To toggle is to move your focal point manually.

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Trade Shows

Small or large shopping fairs and business shows – anywhere you can have a stall, a table, or a presentation for your work with an audience.

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The before & after process.

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A social circle that has similar interests, beliefs, and motives.

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Through The Lens is an “auto” flash setting that chooses the power of the light for you after sending a quick flash before the photo is taken. The intensity of light reflected from the scene is measured through the lens rather than by an external hand-held light meter or a metering window.



A condition where a low amount of light passes through the camera, producing a darker image.

Up-Sell Print

An enlargement print mounted and shown at the viewing session to entice your clients to buy a higher package or add the print on in the sale.

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A Uniform Resource Locator. It’s a Web address.

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Video Marketing

Telling enticing stories via video platform to market your business.

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Do it yourself on iPhone, Android phone, or digital SLR, or outsource to professional videographers. Use Animoto, iMovie, or a professional editor.

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Dark corners of an image.


A video blog.

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Small printed piece of paper that may be exchanged for goods or services.

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Wall Portrait

Framed print for the wall.

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Wall Series

A series of framed portraits for the wall.

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Your online portfolio. Keep your website colours simple. It should be image-rich with easy navigation.

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Welcome Packet

A guide educating clients on their photograph session experience, e.g., the session, what to bring, products & pricing, etc.

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White Balance

Adjustment of color temperature to the light source.


Your Mission

Your Mission is what attracts you to photography. It’s your “why.” You need to market yourself in your unique voice.

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The fixing & pampering of your client’s hair throughout their shoot. Usually done by the hair & makeup artist, assistant (if you have one), or the photographer. Sounds like “judge” without the d. 

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An online platform where people can connect to each other with real-time video conversations, where you can also share your screen to do presentations. There is a free version.

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