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Marketing Intensive

In this 2-day marketing intensive. Sue Bryce teaches you how to market your portrait photography business .

Marketing is not about selling yourself to people. Rather, by understanding who your service is for and how it provides those people with something they need, you can develop the confidence to offer people a service that can make their lives better. The goal is to practice until you can say what you do at your full power at any time in any context with a call to action and no attachment to a yes or a no.

Sue will go through all the most common objections you’ll hear and teach you how these objections are your opportunities to share how you can provide a solution to each and every one of them. You will gain the perspective you need to view all encounters as opportunities to make connections with people, businesses, and their networks. You just never know what can come of these connections later on down the line.

You’ll also learn how introverted and extroverted personality types have different marketing superpowers and how each excels in different arenas for networking and connecting with potential clients. You’ll go through all the different avenues you can pursue to market yourself and gain an understanding of which ones appeal to you most and why.

You’ll also learn practical tips that you can apply to your marketing designs, to Facebook marketing, and for your websites, and DIY printables and videos.

This marketing intensive will help you thoroughly understand how to market your business, get yourself out there, and start making contacts and sales.