Lenka Jones —Bray, UK


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  1. Thank you Sue and Lenka for this amazing video. Truly inspiring. I love the magazine idea, it was something I was thinking of also. Is there a way to see a copy of it? I would love to see what you included and may I ask if you if thought it was worth it. Thank you. Hellen

  2. Oh my goodness! I met Lenka at TPM18 in Phoenix and I was immediately drawn to her warmth and kindess. Now today I find this video! How beautiful! I am inspired and challenged and encouraged. Lenka, you ARE so very beautiful inside & out.

  3. I am transitioning from a pet photography to who knows where. I am attracted to people portraits but have told myself that ‘that’s not me’ for fear of the posing in particular. This year I have decided to explore and not worry about money. It’s helpful to know that Lenka took a year to folio build.

  4. It´s so funny to hear you say, “people in the UK don´t value photography” – or that people think that. I just came back from a month in the UK and I barely can´t imagine a country loving family images more. There were legacy walls in every single place I stayed – so beautiful!

  5. Lenka, I can feel your passion throughout this video. You have a beautiful soul. We need more people like you spreading love in this world. Congrats on all your accomplishments thus far.

  6. Wonderful tour! Thank you Lenka for being so inspiring. So much love and light in your studio.

  7. Oh gosh this made me really emotional. Great inspiration Lenka! I want this too, I can do this! Keep going you beautiful soul, you are doing incredible xx

  8. I loved this studio tour!!
    Lenka, your personality shines through and I can see you in every portrait you create. So glad Sue chose you for this.

  9. Anyone else getting the Lenka vibes? So peaceful yet magical. Sue thanks for another studio tour. They serve as a great inspiration for newbies like myself to keep pressing forward. <3 Just maybe one day that will be me telling my story -more like sobbing. Anyways… this video was EVERYTHING!!