Felicia Reed – Round Rock, Texas

What would you do if you made the choice to push through any limiting thoughts that you have about your abilities, and your potential to do great things? Do you want to live life on your own terms and do what you love?

The Portrait System’s studio tour with Austin-area photographer, Felicia Reed, is a story of a woman whose determination to take charge of her life and thrive has led her business to grow exponentially fast. From being a stenographer in a hospital and doing photography on the weekends, Felicia overcame life’s hurdles with education and perseverance to become a successful full time photographer. For 6 years Felicia ran her 6 figure portrait photography business out of her home and in June 2020, she officially opened her own studio.

“I am inspired so much by all of the women around me and have come before me, that have actually set the stage for me to go and do big things and do limitless things. I am inspired by all the entrepreneurs out there who are making six figures and more.”

“I do this for the women who are watching me…you know, to say go out there and break these limiting chains and limiting beliefs so that we can create something for ourselves. I’m pushing those limits constantly. Can I do this? Can I do this?I know I am capable of so much—but I won’t know what I can do until I try.”

“I’m inspired by Sue Bryce and other mentors I have, and Michelle Obama—incredible women who are out there doing the work and being seen.”

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