Kelly Brown — Brisbane, Queensland

Six years ago this beautiful six foot woman walks up to me and asks me to mentor her.

Since then we have become the closest of friends. In that time I have watched her build a studio and business from a small room, to a double garage, to now a building that she owns!

What she has done is simply amazing.

Join me as I take you on a tour of my incredible friend Kelly Brown’s new Studio in Brisbane, Australia.


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  1. Wow. I felt every bit of the shoot with mummy and baby at the end. So special. You are two inspirational , fabulous ladies. ❤️

  2. My two favorite teachers in one video. Kelly’s studio is beautiful and Sue is so proud – just great. A wonderful video, thanks for that.

  3. I almost want to go back to photographing newborns after seeing Kelly again. I started my newborn photography following her several years ago. I rose to become one of the top NB photogs in my area with her direction. Losing my mom steered me away from NB and into women. Kelly this is an amazing space and so inspiring congrats.

  4. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe what this photographer has accomplished and the incredible images that she creates. Just watching her work with those Moms and their babies brought tears to my eyes. Beyond amazing!

  5. Both the story and the studio are absolutely inspiring. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to have achieved all that she’s achieved. Just amazing.

  6. My goodness, I can’t even watch the photo shoots without crying! The whole concept of newborns is so beautiful! I used to never want to photograph newborns, but watching this makes me want to photograph all of them!

  7. This video experience is truly beautiful, in so many ways. It makes me incredibly proud of not only extraordinarily brave women but of the profession of a photographer. We are sensitive, loving, and tuned-in to the details. It feels like a winning combination of human expression. Cheers! I hope you ladies enjoyed the wine, xo.

  8. This was amazing to watch and so inspiring!!! Tears for the sheer beauty of this level of amazing creation!

  9. I was brought to tears during this shoot, when Sue dropped the dress tulle. Gorgeous work. Stunning Studio. So beautiful.

  10. Oh my goodness! I’m crying and I’m in awe of what you have done Kelly. Loved every minute of this. I pray one day to find peace and happiness to grow and prosper in my photography and my business the way you have. You are an inspiration.

  11. I can not believe how easy Kelly makes that look – she is truly talented! Loved her space and so inspiring!

  12. i cried watching this! i remember watching kelly on creative live and just seeing this brings out so much joy for her! i hope i can have a space like that one day! so awesome

  13. Blown away !!! So so inspiring, thank you for sharing her story. My favourite sentence of hers, when she says we are all moms with a camera at some point, she was just a mom with a camera once <3 Love this so much

  14. Truly inspirational! I’m speechless! Beyond this amazing space and this remarkable accomplishment…the friendship is priceless. Love u both! ❤️

  15. Wow wow wow wow wow! I’m inspired, I’m crying, wow…speechless, the incredible beauty you create! Well done.

  16. This was just amazing! I LOVE your studio and your story! Thank you so much for sharing. I might have even teared up a few times. You two are truly amazing and such an inspiration.

  17. This is just fabulous, such an inspiration. One day this will be me, I am working towards my goals… Thank you for sharing this Kelly & Sue! <3

  18. What an amazing photographer! She has made a beautiful journey creating something she loves and it shows! Thank you Sue for sharing these beautifully stunning people with us so that we may be inspired by their conviction and hard work!

  19. This was/is an unspeakable inspiration. Sue, I loved LOVED your reactions every moment along the way. Kelly, BRAVA!!! Watching I you hold those babies was mesmerizing. Thank you Sue for this wonderful tour…. thank you.

  20. Omg Kelly this was so beautiful. Congratulations. So well deserved you are amazing xox

  21. Im speechless and I have tears… WOW! Kelly, your photographs are amazing… what an inspiration you both are, thank-you.

  22. Such an amazing space. Every square inch of the studio just shines with positivity and passion for Kelly’s craft. #inspiration

  23. Simply breathtaking!! I hope to one day not only own a beautiful studio such as this but have a friendship like your and Kelly’s. Just an awe inspiring thing to see.

  24. I am positively blown away! Kelly, your work is breathtaking and studio is remarkable!

  25. Incredible what you have achieved, Kelly. You are so talented and your studio tour so beautiful and such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. <3

  26. Everything is Absolute……..This will make new smile for many days to come and I thank you for sharing your journey.

  27. Wow wow wow !!!!! Crying….So inspiring…..Thank you Sue and Kelly ????????

  28. Wow I could watch newborn photographers shoot all day! And what an inspiration that studio space is! Well done Kelly 🙂

  29. Sue, your film crew is incredible. What a gift of storytelling you all have. Thoroughly enjoyed this to tears.

  30. Wow, wow, wow. Watching this leaves me with a full heart and overflowing tears. It, too, is my dream to have such success as Kelly and Sue. Thank you both for providing such inspiration.

  31. Kelly, will you or do you have a facebook group to go along with your education site?

  32. Totally made me cry, y’all! <3 Sue and Kelly, thank you so much for sharing this! *hugs and kisses*

  33. OMG…made me cry watching the sessions being photographed. I absolutely love it. Can’t wait for my next newborn session <3

  34. Kelly and @suebryce – how incredibly happy I am to see what you both have accomplished with your businesses. You make us proud! The world is a more beautiful place because of what y’all have created.

  35. i was in tears watching this, so absolutely amazing what one can do when they go after there dreams< so inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  36. So beautiful and awe inspiring. I was literally in tears watching this. This is my goal and where I want to be eventually with my business. Thank you Sue and Kelly so much for sharing your journeys with us. You are both true inspirations.

  37. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. It was eye opening to see this marvelous studio. Kelly was born to do this.

  38. Tears flowing as I watch this and feel into both of these amazing women’s love for and respect for each other. And getting a glimpse into the fabulous Kelly Brown’s journey, is simply beyond powerful! So inspirational and so incredibly moving. <3 <3

  39. so much worth and value represented in this tour. I am deeply inspired. Thank you so much. It reignites my love for photographing families.

  40. This is incredible, WOW just WOW. I’m lost for words. Thank you so much for sharing Kelly’s space with us. Dream Big and work towards it.

  41. I made it until she started shooting and then I was in tears. Just the beauty of her photographs… in awe! So inspired by her success. Thank you for sharing!

  42. SsOo excited for you Kelly !! I feel like driving north to Brisbane right now to see it in real life! So happy to have met you last year at Passion to Profit! ( and discussed Sue B) ! Your presentation then was incredible and moved me so much. The photographs you produce are truly special. Thank you Sue for being Kelly’s Mentor and being the kid in the Lolly shop showing us this totally amazing and inspiring Studio. Kelly’s determination to get to where she is now is enlightening and gives us hope.
    A window into the Soul and Spirit of yet another great photographer. Thank you both (and your teams).

  43. Such a wonderful and inspirational story! I love every second of it. Also, give me so much hope and power to keep going forward.

  44. This brought tears to my eyes and hope for the future. 2 incredible ladies and photographers.

  45. Everything about this tour is absolutely wonderful and inspiring. Thank you ladies for sharing!

  46. I shared Kelly’s newborn posing education on my local photography group as I think everyone who is serious about their newborn photography needs to learn from Kelly. Not my genre at all, but oh my, is that gorgeous or what?!

  47. Amazing, inspiring and moving. Respect for the both of you! It is also a bit scary to me because it shows me that I still have a lot of work to do on the ‘fear block’…

  48. I am blown away…so happy for you Kelly Brown. What an incredible journey. I can not imagine the hard work and dedication required. So inspiring. Such a beautiful video from two amazing ladies, Thank you for sharing.

  49. wow. lost for words. just incredible everything lol can’t wait to see you in Palm Springs Kelly!

  50. Wow, just wow. I am speechless and I sat sobbing with you both and just so inspired by both. Thank you for letting us into your worlds.

  51. Kelly!!!! You are so inspirational- your work is divine- I wish I’d had you to photograph my kids when they were babies. Thanks for sharing your studio! xx

  52. Amazing! This is so inspirational to watch!???? I’ve followed both of you from Creativelive to now and your journeys are what keep me striving to reach my goal and dream! #myinspiration #studiogoals

  53. THANK YOU so much for this live video. I can’t put in words what I’m feeling right now. That said, it took me seconds to register for the workshop in Berlin. Man, I’m blessed to get this chance close to my hometown <3

  54. The most incredible thing ever!!! I’ve never wanted to shoot newborns, but this! This is just beautiful in every way. I’m now inspired to shoot newborns!!

  55. Sue and Kelly are the most incredible team! Love you both, you inspire me to open up my own business. Would love to see you both in New York!!! Please come to NY!

  56. Lots of hard work and learning to achieve dreams! Beautiful baby images! Every inch of Kellys studio Wows!

  57. WOW!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVE these episodes and they get better and better every time! And her images!!!!!!! So classic and timeless and breathtakingly beautiful! They make me want to photograph newborns! Just amazing! Thank you Sue and Kelly for sharing this with all of us! 🙂

  58. My heart, my soul is filled of this indescribable emotions, I think in happiness, proudness of the hard work that this two amazing woman’s Kelly and Sue has put into their dreams, building every step at the time until reach the top and still keep working harder, and loving every piece of what they do to keep reaching higher, I couldn’t stop crying, I think in all the blocks that are stopping me from fighting for my dream, I seen how Kelly passionate of what she does, it helps her to get where she’s now,
    I appreciate so much been in this group, getting inspired from so many amazing photographers, learning from Sue, ( I have believed in you, seen first time I heard you talk many years ago),
    I fill so happy for you Kelly, I feel identified with your life, it is so real and yet you were able to go through everything and succeed. Congrats in all you have achieved, Your studio is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love!!!

  59. Simply amazing. Such power. Walking down the hallway, clients know totally that they are in store for something great and that it will be worth every penny spent. They also know that this is not budget studio

  60. Literally in Tears watching this! It is so beautiful to watch you two working with those stunning moms! I am Smitten!!

  61. I was breathless going through the studio and when Kelly started photographing and I saw the photos… waterfalls. If we’re crying, Sue I know why you probably cried the whole time. Thank you for sharing these stories and these amazing photographers with us. They are so inspirational.

  62. This is literally the most magical studio tour. Honestly – I cried. I remember how hard my pregnancy was – how sick I was – and then how exhausted I was when my son was finally born. I thought I was too fat – to tired looking – to old to be in photographs with my son. But honestly, watching this – it’s all I want in this world. If someone has a time machine, please let go for a ride. Kelly – this is amazing.

  63. OMG !!! So Beautiful Kelly Congratulations !! Hey was that Simona Janek in the back ground ?

  64. I’ve trained with Kelly and she really is a remarkable woman and during the two day training spoke of her journey with Sue and how her mentoring was invaluable to her career now xx lovely episode and brought a tear to my eye x

  65. I replayed the ending where Kelly spoke about her and her husband’s joint decision on making changes for my husband to see. So powerful and moving. We are making a list tonight to prioritize what has to be done to get the ship moving faster. He is even more on board to being a part of this seeing others who are and have made this possible. Amazing.

  66. yeah, I cried too. Remarkable production! Congratulations on the brilliant work and absolutely wonderful story telling. I loved it!

  67. not sure why I was crying…I mean, well because I should be working harder to accomplish my dreams. Thanks for sharing.

  68. guy tears,… Superb Kelly! Thanks for the tour. And thank you Sue Bryce for being the 100% Sue Bryce. Love these.

  69. Omg! I cannot wait to see you in Palm Springs and…New Goal…Tour your gorgeous studio in Brisbane! This studio tour actually made me cry. What a beautiful story. PS. What color is the black in your new studio? Brand?

  70. Is this “shareable?” Don’t see how. Would love to show a friend or several…

  71. Loved listening to your beautiful journey Kelly Brown. Amazing what vision and focus will bring and to own your own building! Display of awards and museum like photographs made me cry. My heart is full.

  72. Just wow! Kelly Brown you studio is stunning. You are stunning. Sue your passion for your students is stunning. You and Kelly are my life goals.

  73. Oh I’m crying, Friendship and love is what I feel and see. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing your amazing story Kelly. Sue… You tear me up when you speak with you heart. Very special

  74. Simply Beautiful Kelly! “you’ve come a long way Baby!” Congratulations! so wish my boys were newborns again! thank you and Bryce for sharing your new Studio!

  75. Oh my Goodness! I loved watching this video, it was such a gift to be able to mentor with Kelly Brown and this just brought back so many memories….

  76. It’s no coincidence that I tend to do a newborn session after every time I see this amazing woman!