Andrew Knowles — Dallas, Texas

What Andrew Knowles has accomplished since I met him two years ago is mind blowing to me.

At the time he was only shooting outdoors on location.

Since then he has secured a studio location in Dallas, Texas. He has taken a space in an ugly commercially zoned neighborhood and contrasted it with a designed studio space so beautiful it makes me want to cry with joy.

Join me today as we tour this amazing studio space.


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  1. This is absolutely inspiring. Thank you Sue, and thank you Andrew for being so open and willing to share your experience, knowledge and obstacles that you’ve overcome. XOXO

  2. This is beautiful! Andrew seems so genuine and love his studio so much!!! This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love this tour! The image of your beautiful model in the poofy dress, looking to the side and smiling is so gorgeous! It made me gasp and tear up. 🙂

  4. Forgive me if I missed it, but what was the light setup on the shoot? Light over the back (D1?) What was in front? Thank you 🙂

  5. Andrew!! Loved this tour!!!!
    Would you mind divulging exactly what you offered the ladies who donated dresses? Thank you so so very much in advance! 🙂

  6. Andrew has such a beautiful, welcoming demeanor. This studio is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Andrew, Thank you for allow us to see your creative process up close. With all the floral crowns across the internet (yes – including all the virtual ones) it was inspiring to see the floral shoulder wrap you created. Stunning image as well!

  8. What an uplifting video!! Andrew you are so inspirational and your space is so full of creativity! I could live there as an apartment never mind a studio! You come across as so wonderfully humble and yet you have achieved something so fantastic already. I literally fall in love with Sue when she is doing a studio tour , you can feel the proud momma bursting to get out, so glad I found this entire vision she has created for us all. Everyone deserves a dose of positive in their day.

  9. Thanks Andrew for the tour, fab space! Thanks Sue, these studio tours are so interesting, I love seeing everyone’s take on your business model and there are so many useful gems!

  10. Andrew, your studio is like a pearl inside a clam shell! Just amazingly gorgeous! You are an inspiration!

  11. Andrew is incredible. As a fellow photographer AND client of Andrew’s, I am so incredible thrilled for his success!!! XOXO

  12. Andrew, feeling the love you have brought to your business. Amazing studio and creative flair you bring love love love!

  13. Hey Andrew, I absolutely love your studio and your business transformation. Keep going! I also do love your portfolio book from Graphi Studio, could you please tell me what material it is and what color, what kind of print of your logo did you use. Thank you so much and wish you all the best not just in business life. Greetings Aneta

  14. At 38:00 ” I didn’t know what tulle was before Sue!” That is me 100% ! I did not know anything about fashion about frilly things and neck lines. I’ve just absorbed all that info in my time here. lol

  15. Andrew, what are the holders of the large scrim called? I never saw anything like them. Thanks

  16. Loved this! I love that you’re close too. I was hoping to see a tour in Dallas. Sue’s education and these tours have been so inspiring and life changing. I can’t wait to see how things change for the better in the coming year!

  17. Andrew, I really don’t know what to say. You are a breath of fresh air, ingenuity, and inspiration all wrapped up in a beautiful gold ribbon-adorned package. I so enjoyed this. Sue’s pride and exhilaration was palpable. Your hard work and emotional commitment was uplifting to say the least. Thank you both for sharing and giving us a glimpse of your passion.

  18. So awesome having a neighboring photographer on Sue’s Studio Tours! Andrew, so happy for you & your success! Love your work!

  19. I always love seeing a new studio tour pop up here, each one cements more self belief. I’m totally inspired. Love your studio Andrew, so great to see you doing so well. xo

  20. I love your studio! And your work! Breathtaking. I just got my own “warehouse studio” started, and I love your ideas on using space. Beautiful work Andrew. I hope to see you and your growth for many many years to come.

  21. Loved this studio tour – and you met Sue only a few years ago … and look how far you’ve come. Good for you!!! So inspiring 🙂 Your work is over the top amazing

  22. Loved the studio, the photos!! Thanks for sharing your studio, Andrew and thanks for featuring it, Sue!

    1. Thanks, Janina! I love shooting on the 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm. When I can, I prefer the 135mm because it creates some compression that I like!

  23. Phenomenal space and so enjoyed watching you two together… you’ve done exceptional, Andrew!

  24. Well done! What a cool studio, a very impressive artist and an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Your studio is fantastic!!!! I love your easy, laid back demeanor. I’ll bet you put your clients at ease from the second they meet you. Here’s to much continued success. Cheers!!!!

    1. And those frames!! Such a beautiful studio, you are an inspiration. Would love to have a studio like this one day 🙂

  26. THANK YOU to everyone who watched my studio tour, and for all of your sweet comments and questions! I loved sharing my space with you all!

    I admittedly was a little nervous during the the live Q&A today, which made me later realize I want to elaborate on one of your most-talked-about topics: my dress hunt campaigns.

    I’ve actually done it twice- the first time I was more specific on what I was looking for style-wise.

    Here was my original verbiage:

    I’m on a hunt.. a dress hunt! I’m looking to start building a wardrobe to offer my clients, so if you have any dresses that you or your daughter no longer wear, please shoot me a message. I would love to talk!

    What I AM looking for:
    – all sizes
    – soft, delicate colors like ivory, pink, sage, beige, white, powder blue, etc.
    – bold colors like navy and black
    – delicate fabrics like lace, tulle, etc. are great
    – I love having fabric on the bottom half that can fly and move with some twirls, but this isn’t a necessity
    – sequin dresses
    – vintage vibes are great

    What I am NOT looking for:
    – busy patterns like floral, stripes, tie-die, etc.
    – super bright colors like neons, yellow, orange
    – obvious prom dresses (with tons of bedazzling etc)

    There are two main goals with this: get dresses and get bums on seats. The second time I posted this, I left out the details on what styles I’m looking for, to help get more bums on seats.

    What do I do if I don’t love the dress they want to donate? I accept their donation, book them in with a voucher, then donate their dress. No, I may not end up with a dress I can add to my wardrobe, but I do end up with new clients, which is even better.

    A few people asked if they could use my verbiage for their own dress hunt- please feel free to use some or all as you please.

    Thanks again for all of the love! Hope to see lots of you in Palm Springs!

    1. Andrew, so if I understand right: in exchange for a dress you offer a free session/voucher, is that correct?

  27. Any tour is a big flow of emotion!…Hoping to be one day one of them…. now I can just work hardly to improve my skills and set up my future sending a lot of love and good vibes to all of those photographer in business…

    1. Tera- the Profoto B1 is 500w/s and the D1 is 1000 w/s. I like having the extra power when I’m bouncing light, because it lets me keep my ISO down, but the “drawback” is that it has to be plugged in. B1s do the job too, and are super convenient, I just have to crank my ISO up more.

  28. this was such a treat! Andrew you are killing it! all the best and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!