Sue Bryce — El Segundo, California

The first thing anyone who enters Sue Bryce’s El Segundo LA studio will see is a reminder of why they are there, a reminder of the value of a portrait, which is far greater than any amount of money can define.

Sue’s new studio is built on the foundation of knowledge and love she has acquired on her journey as a portrait photographer over the last 29 years. A journey that started in her country garage with a single camera and kit lens and took her from New Zealand, to Australia, to the United States. A journey that continues now in LA with this creative space designed to let her clients find and explore their own beauty, inside and out, while Sue and her team make an amazing experience creating a legacy portrait for them and their families.

Join Sue and host Kristina Houser on a tour of Sue’s vision come reality, a studio designed for creativity that embraces her subdued but beautiful style, a place designed to bring her clients and team together in camaraderie like never before.


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  1. Sue you have been such an inspiration. If you only knew how much you have changed my mindset and touched my soul. I’m so grateful for your education. Thank you!

  2. how did I miss this epic movie!? I wish it was available online to share with my peers so they can understand how amazing Sue is!

  3. it’s so amazing to see that you are living your dream and you achieved everything you wanted!

  4. I was fortunate enough to be sitting with you having lunch when you were talking about this property and moving… I was so impressed with your studio at that time I couldn’t imagine how on earth it could get better….yet here it is! You have done it again Sue 🙂 it’s gorgeous! Love the touches you have added since I last visited. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Congrats on all the beauty within you, what you create and inspire in others. Xo

  5. Sue, you are so right that we are follow you because you grow!!! I am watching your videos from 2015 and you continue inspiring all of us. Thank you. When I feel out of energy and motivation, I put on Sue videos and charge my battery with the energy.

  6. I’m so thankful for your honesty when telling your story! I’m excited for the day that my business is blossoming! 🙂 You’re such an inspiration. Thank you, Sue.

  7. in the ups and downs of the business, I needed to see this today. Thanks for being my mentor. Grateful beyond measure for the things I learn from you and the crew at SBE… xoxo

  8. 23 years I have been a photographer…and today i considered not renewing…what A mistake …every dime is worth it…. you have touched a part of me today that will sustain me to keep dreaming and loving and creating.. I needed that …Thank you from the depth of my soul for this… in the day and age of now and more and saturation its easy to get confused or rutted… but somehow just today watching this as I work on my day off to catch up… made me see the bigger picture to touch on something thats there inside me but has gotten lost in the shuffle of like in the last year as I have suffered some incredible loss and it took something from me I couldn’t get back but today watching you talk it spoke to all i have accomplished how far I have come… Thank you Sue truely

    1. Haha… so funny. I was trying to figure out the home budget today to
      Find $100/month for my daughters braces… thought to myself well I suppose I could give up Sue and that would get me half way there. I’m with u, I can’t give it up. Sorry kid… one more year of crooked teeth. ????

  9. This made me well up with tears, a few times! Wow. Every time I feel in a lull I just watch you and it picks me right up again. Its such an emotional journey

  10. Loved as with all you do Sue! Thank you again for sharing with all of us!

  11. I love your studio! Such an inspiration! How do we sign up to come in and shoot in your studio! What a dream!!

  12. I have missed to watch last Tuesday but I took my time to watch it today. All I can say is I cried tears of joy and and happiness. Thank YOU Sue for being such an inspiration and beautiful mentor. We really couldn’t have picked a more honest, smart, raw and beautiful mentor than you are. I felt every inch of your studio tour in my soul as I am dream designing my very own while working harder to reach my destination. Much love and more blessings send your way <3

  13. Sue, You’ve come a long way since creative live 28 days and inbedwithsue. One can see pure joy on your beautiful face. What I love most about you is how you take chances, make a change, discover and just live in the moment.

  14. Sue, I am so choked up about this! You have come such a long way since your garage studio. You give me hope for my business. Thank you and congratulations!

  15. This is a great reminder of why I do what I do. I’ll watch this over and over again! Thank you Sue and Crew for all you do!

  16. Wow it’s been two years! We’ve had lunch together every week for two years!!! LOL

  17. BEAUTIFUL!! I love watching the studio tours. They’re so inspiring, and I’m looking forward to having my own space outside my home one day. Thank you Sue!!

  18. I was FINALLY able to watch the rest of this. I wish I could afford to head out to California, but one day… Sue, I followed the likes of Ritts, Freeman, Leibovitz…then I found you. You were my first REAL role model and made me find the genre I love now. I love photographing everything that sings to me – but the portrait of the human face and body has now become my true muse. I watched this and felt my heart strings pull… My family is my love and my life, but THIS is my passion. What makes my heart sing. Thank you Sue.

  19. So thankful having had the opportunity to feel this beautiful space im person.

  20. Sue, I love that you empower us by saying that ” We” are the ones that changed our lives, but we could do it because of YOU. Your grit, your self-esteem, your inspiration and your love of photography and people’s success. Thank you for your perseverance and for making us better.

  21. Sue, Thank you! Thank you! I love your words of encouragement to be YOURSELF and not anyone else!

  22. I would love to invite to Whangarei Northland New Zealand and show you my own studio!

  23. Sue Bryce you are my inspiration!! Thank you for all of your motivation!!

  24. WOW! So heartfelt and so full of joy … thank you for sharing your journey and your new beginning “Chef Bryce”! <3