Wendy De Craemer — Lichtervelde, Belgium

Come with us to Lichtervelde, Belgium as we follow Sue Bryce Education member from Paris Alice Prenat for a tour of SBE member photographer Wendy De Craemer’s ZOOM Foto-Atelier studio.

Wendy has been following me since my very first live broadcast on 3rd of March 2012 her world exploded from her tiny attic space using strobes to finding natural light glamour and the experience of taking women on this remarkable journey of self-discovery and self love.

Wendy has grown from strength to strength gaining a sales average of over €2000 per client and building her business to include full-time employment of her sister and her sister-in-law.

Against the odds of breaking new ground in a small village in Belgium Wendy’s heart and soul speaks so loud you can see, feel and experience the love that she has for this genre and for building her business.

As we take a tour of Wendy’s studio I know there are big plans in her future to expand and add a salon and grow her brand throughout her country she is truly leading her field and I am so proud of her.


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  1. Loved the tour! So inspirational! I was wondering if either Alice of Wendy could tell me how or where they found V-flats, as I live in France and just can’t find any that are big enough! Maybe Alice can help me since she is based in Paris? Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the SUPER delayed reaction !! Just finding those questions here now 😀 In France I have created my own with 4 boards of carton plume blancs together and it works like a charm ! Otherwise you can order here but I remember there was something preventing me from ordering (I think they don’t deliver or something like that ):https://www.keylite.com/

  2. FINALLY made time to see your tour…Alice thank you for taking us to Wendy…you gave us lots to reflect on…regarding space…Love your work…now to follow you on Instagram and watch you grow…thank you againxxx Love the big images on the outside wall btw!!

  3. Did anyone here what light that was? I’m looking for a daylight constant to pump up my natural light studio and that looks good!

  4. So inspirational! these tours just pull the blinkers from your eyes! Thank you for allowing us into your space Wendy. Every time I watch a studio tour there goes another “I can’t do THAT because…..” excuse! BECAUSE there it is in front of me, excuse overcome! small space? no problem! Small town? no problem! Wrong sex? no problem! I am actually putting so much of Sue’s training into my wedding work that I am starting to get enquiries from women about glamour shoots from the friends and families of the bride. Thanks to all of the studio sharers and of course to Sue Bryce.

  5. I just burst into tears when Wendy just said of Sue, “What that woman gives people, is life!”!!! It was the Law of Attraction that unbeknownst to me, brought Sue into my life. The first and most powerful thing she did for me is to properly introduce me to the Law of Attraction when she recommended reading Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich. It set me on a journey to completely reconnect with my soul, to bring me out of the darkest time of my life, having lost every Earthly thing except my camera gear. But now I know the true workings of The Universe and how to differentiate between our human misperceptions and truth. It has been absolutely life changing! Sue is an angel spreading love and joy and wisdom, so much deeper than merely photography. She is changing lives at a core level! Now, if only I can get over my marketing block… as soon as that happens, I know Sue will be coming here to me to film a studio tour! Guaranteed! 🙂

  6. Tgatnk you for filming Wendy’s space! Love everything about it and one day I’ll be entering her studio for my own photo shoot!! Love your work, your space and your creativeness!?Xx

  7. I just love Wendy’s business, photos & studio. This is what I want for myself. Thank you Sue & Wendy!

  8. I love how Wendy is creating what looks like her own pose book. She not only is great photographer, but very artistic. She looks at photographs and then draws out her own vision of the shot she is looking at and sketches it out in Wendy Style. I would love to see more of what she has created to give me inspiration, and I’m sure many more of us, as we try to capture the beauty and personality of those we photograph. Her organization and planning are fabulous. She knows the status of everything. I love the idea of shooting in morning and reveals in afternoon, because it allows you to focus on one mindset. Trying to go from shoot to reveal one after the other can be frustrating. One thought I have is maybe shoot one day and reveal another, which would be ideal

  9. Thanks Alice for the tour….. Wendy your studio is amazing and it’s obvious your staff love working with you too! haha! Cool dance moves! Thanks for sharing. So much inspiration!

  10. The more I venture into this process the more at home I feel. Making women feel at home in my space and within themselves, self love, (self) value and giving great service while creating an incredible experience. ❤️ Gratitude X a million!

  11. This makes me feel better about shooting in my basement knowing where she started out 🙂

  12. I would LOVE to find out Sue’s reaction to the last 15 seconds of this video. ?

    1. This was amazing, and I am now obsessing over the panels with the trim!