The Reveal Wall

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True Story: 12 Years ago a business coach asked me “Who is your demographic” I thought about it and answered “Female 18 – 80” he laughed, I didn’t. End of Story

My demographic is female, that does not mean I do not shoot husband and sons, it just means this is my marketing demographic. That’s it, if you are a woman you are my client. I do not care where you shop or how expensive your clothes are or how old you are. You just have to want beautiful photo’s.

Fact: When People WANT something they say “HOW can I pay for that” My job, was to create a product everyone has to have.

Another FACT: Everybody says we are a ‘Digital Generation’ I do not believe this I believe we are a ‘Now Generation’ meaning the integration of instantly accessible product online means we think everyone wants a CD but they really want is a product they don’t want to wait for. So what If I preprint and

Two years ago I woke up with an Idea what if I printed my top package and had it finished printed and ready to go at the Sales session. I have not looked back and now I am watching hundreds of Photographers do the same.

Tips and Frequently asked questions:

Get very comfortable with your selling process first, even if you average is low and you are trying to bring it up Quote from Bethany Tubman Johs #IBWSMentor “The reveal Wall tripled my sales” I need you to have your price-list and your products dialed in first. The hardest head space to get around is What if they do not purchase? Yes, you will have printed images that they reject and you can use in your studio and you will have paid for printing, the flip side of course is that they may purchase twice as much so you have to be at a place where you feel confident in this process. Lots of education/consultation around price & product will help. Yes you can Up sell to larger prints and wall portraits. No you do not need a wall, and yes you can pre print and sell on location stay focused on the Reveal not the wall. Should I print my own images? I now use the Canon Pro-1 and I love it, it is cheaper and faster than a lab next week I will blog and video my in house printing service and cost.

When you are ready to start doing ‘Reveal’ Sales Sessions (Preprinted Products) You will discover like all the Mentors and many other Photographers this method is seriously increasing revenue.

I use Seldex (Aus) Finao (USA) mounts and boxes the boxes are 11×14 and the mounts hold a 7×10 print

Sorry about the quality of this final image below (iphone) But I love this reveal I realized when printing that I had lots more images than my normal 25 being a couple so I doubled up some images and printed them like this.

Making your Own Reveal Wall


Wood, Screws, Putty and Paint. You can get this under $50

Tammy Zurak Allen Mentor / When my clients touch their images it creates a sense of ownership and excitement that just doesn’t happen when they are looking at a computer screen. I also think it allows them to take what they are seeing and absorb it as though it is true. They often don’t see themselves as beautiful, so when they see their images and are able to hold their beauty in their hands, is like holding in their heart. How can they not take it?! Since I’ve been using the wall every client has bought something.

Bethany Tubman Johs Mentor / The Reveal Wall catapulted my sales to a sustainable average nearly overnight. I was working my way through 28 Days and had my largest sale of $600.00 and I was thrilled. While I was happy with that amount, I knew I wouldn’t be able to grow my business unless I was able to double what I was earning. When Sue shared her revelation about the Reveal Wall, everyone immediately thought it was a brilliant idea. I was still hesitant of trying it because my fears held me back. I asked the same questions I’m still seeing today… is my work good enough? What if they don’t buy? I can’t afford to pay the overhead out of pocket. But, after struggling for a few more ordering sessions, I decided it was time to give it a try. My very first sale was $2000.00. You may have heard my story on Portrait Startup where I became so excited about the sale that I immediately discounted the client’s package by 20%, In reality, my first sale was $1600.00, but you know what? I more than doubled what I had been earning and that’s a WIN in my book! Since using the Reveal Wall, I have not sold a package for under $1000.00 and my current sales average is $1501.75. I’ve just increased my prices and my goal is to have a sales average of $2000.00 by the end of 2015. This method has not only increased my sales, but it has also created a stronger relationship between me and my clients. They are stunned when they see their images in print. We hug and cry and let ourselves “feel” for a while. It’s beautiful.

Nikki Closser Mentor / Having gorgeous prints for my clients to touch and take home has been awesome for my business. They get so excited when I hand them their folio box wrapped in beautiful ribbon. There is something about seeing your self in prints that can’t compare to looking at a computer screen. it feels so special, and not to mention, much more high-end. My average sales have been growing exponentially.

Tatiana Lumiere Mentor / I loved the idea of reveal wall since Sue Bryce introduced it. It is a better service to clients, it transforms abstract idea of a portrait to solid tangible product in hands. It gave me better control over final results, I get to be creative choosing the right medium. And it is the power of NOW. Clients get to bring home portraits the day of the purchase. Talking about sales – my average almost doubled with introduction of the reveal wall. I love printing my own images too.

Joanna Ziemlewski Mentor / Whether you do a reveal in print or digitally, in your home or on location, the most important thing to the client is that they see their images NOW. Their excitement is their momentum, and that’s what makes them want to purchase your top package. Keep that momentum going and make it your top priority. Your clients will love your customer service and be grateful for you putting them first.

Shauna Lofy #IBWSMentor / When I did a viewing by slideshow on my computer it always felt a bit detached. My clients would say, “Oh this is nice or like like that.” It was like ordering a dress online and you buy it hoping it fits. But when I did my first reveal wall with a client the reaction was immediate and so filled with surprise, joy, and wonder. She pointed to each of them and tears came to her eyes and she picked them up and it was suddenly real and tangible. She just kept picking them up on after another and holding them and I could see she cherished them and that her son and husband would cherish them. She couldn’t believe that was her and she just kept saying “I look so beautiful”. And I knew right then she wanted to buy them.

Heike Delmore Mentor / The reveal wall has made selling my images easier for 3 reasons. Firstly, I no longer feel the need to talk (or sell) during my reveal session. I have found my clients do most of the talking now. Secondly, I have found when my clients touch or hold the images they usually buy them. And finally my sales average has increased 20% since implementing the reveal wall. I’m sure this has to do with the fact clients can leave with their images right away instead of waiting for the prints to be ordered. It has even doubled my Business Head-shot sales.

Emily London Miller Mentor / I loved the idea right from the start, I started doing it and straight away my sales soared. Revealing printed portraits to each client is the perfect way to end her luxury portrait experience on a high. It’s one of the key elements that sets apart a session in my studio from anything they’ve ever had done before. Showing my clients that I value physical prints enough to put my money where my mouth is before they’ve even seen them means that I don’t have to tell them how valuable printed portraits are. They can see for themselves.

Lori Patrick Mentor / The reveal wall reflects a level of service beyond any other method. This is not only a wow factor but you create an instant emotional bond from the printed image straight to the heart just from seeing, holding, looking at your smile with the unspoken knowledge. We did this together and you are so very beautiful. Wrap it up with a ribbon and the love you put into each and every shoot and you will have changed one more life. While satisfying your own in this career filled with gratitude.

NOTHING compares to your clients touching and owning printed images. This is everything we need to remember as Photographers and Memory Makers. ~Sue Bryce


  1. Great information Sue. Is it possible for you to get the images re-posted for the upper section of this page? It looks like they were on your site, and they may no longer be accessible. Also, any suggestions on how wide and deep the shelves should be? And, do you have any recommendations on the heights of the shelves? Thanks!