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May 23, 2022 Portrait Master Awards
Family & Group Portrait, 8th Place, Eleonora Barna

If you’ve been wondering about the Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation, we’ve got the scoop for you!

We created this program to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate high-quality, professional work and to arm you with the public recognition you deserve in your field. As someone who did not receive a formal education, achieving these standards were amongst Sue Bryce‘s proudest moments of owning a professional photography business. Winning accolades like these made Sue feel proud and validated as a photographer.

When you enter the Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation Program, your images will be judged by a panel of experts in the field who will give points to your image based on the technical and artistic skill exhibited therein. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Merits are awarded to images that have achieved a high professional standard, according to the points they have received. If your photograph receives any of these high honors, you will be given a badge that you can place on the image that earned it. All points that are awarded on Bronze, Silver, and Gold images are tallied toward achieving accreditation levels. There are three accreditation levels: Associate, Master, and Fellow. As soon as you achieve Associate level, your profile is added to a public member directory, and you can include your achievement of this standing in all your marketing. Additionally, in each category of entry, the top image receives a trophy and an award of $1,000. The Grand Trophy winner of the whole competition receives an additional $1,500.

Every round, things get a little changed up, so be sure to check out all the updated rules (including the recent country/state eligibility updates), FAQs, and all the resources available for the Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation Program.

We feel deep pride that the portrait industry is getting stronger and more valued all around the world and can’t wait to see what you create next!

Creative Portrait, 4th Place, Emily Moore

Important Dates for 2022

2nd Round
Opens: 9am PST, Monday, May 16th
Closes: 11:59pm PST, Tuesday, June 15th
Results Announced: Noon PST, Friday, July 15th, LIVE
3rd Round
Opens: 9am PST, Thursday, Sept 15th
Closes: 11:59pm PST, Saturday, Oct 15th
Results Announced: Noon, Tuesday, Nov 15th, LIVE
Maternity Category, 19th Place, Tianna Jarrett Williams

Costs and Fees

NON-MEMBER FEES: $40 per submission
MEMBER FEES: $20 per submission
Challenge Category: Into the Wild, 1st Place, Hanna Neret


Visit the Awards page to see what the current categories are for each round.

The Challenge Category, which is unique to each round, will be announced when awards results are given. This event is LIVE and open to the public here.

The Challenge Category for the 2nd Round is MONOCHROME. 

2nd Round Results Announced: Noon PST, Friday, July 15th, LIVE

3rd Round Results Announced: Noon PST, Tuesday, Nov 15th, LIVE
Family & Group Portrait, 1st Place and Grand Champion, Felicia Schuette

Category Winner Perks

Once again in this round, winners of each category, as well as the competition Grand Champion, will get their own episode on The Portrait System Podcast.

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Portrait Masters Award & Accreditation Quicklinks:


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