TPM Spring Sale Extended + New Courses!

April 29, 2022 Partners

Spring Savings for Your Business 

Spring is in the air and with it come Spring Sales! This week The Portrait Masters has been offering 30 – 40% off everything in the store, and the sale has just been extended till Monday, May 2, Midnight PST.

The Portrait Masters Store is your place to find educational content and digital products to help you take your portrait photography business to the next level. Whether you shoot glamour, boudoir, personal branding, families, maternity, lifestyle, indoor, or outdoor — whether you need help with marketing materials, photoshoot know-how, or a leg up on your post-production editing — they’ve got you covered.

The Portrait Masters Spring Sale is your chance to get a great deal on any courses or products you’ve had your eye on, and they also have some great new courses that were just released. Read on for a run-down of what’s new in The Portrait Masters Store!

What’s New in the TPM Store

The Portrait Masters Store has been hard at work making loads of new content for you this year. This new season is no exception, and along with their Spring Sale, they’ve launched some exciting new content from three powerhouse portrait photography educators.

Previously available only to Premium Members of The Portrait System, now for the first time, everyone can access The Pose Series, a brand-new flow posing course by the one-and-only Sue Bryce. For over 30 years, Sue has been the predominant portrait photography educator in the world, teaching countless photographers how to build sustainable, profitable photography businesses. Posing is her superpower and the cornerstone to her success.

In this new flow posing course, Sue teaches you the fundamentals of posing and capturing great images of those poses. You’ll learn how posing basics can be applied to models with 3 different body types while sitting, standing, lying down, using a wall, and using a posing table. Above all, you’ll learn how to bring out confidence and fierce, empowered beauty in your clients as you make each one look their very best.

Next on our list are three courses by acclaimed celebrity photographer, educator, and mentor Lola Melani. Lola specializes in maternity, newborn, and beauty photography and is known for her elegant and intimate portraits.

In The Art of Draping, Lola teaches you 14 draping techniques with 11 fabric types. You’ll know how to create a couture wardrobe on a budget, and the best part is — no sewing needed!

In Fine Art Nude Photography, Lola teaches you how to highlight the beauty of the nude form using her favorite lighting setups. These are all accomplished with just one or two lights and will give you so many ideas for adding tasteful and creative images to your portfolio.

In Artistic Lighting for Maternity Portraiture, Lola demonstrates how she creates her signature maternity portraits, using lighting that varies from soft to dramatic, so that you can create a diverse gallery for your clients. A complete list of gear used, lighting diagrams, and posing and editing tips are included!

Last but not least, are two beautiful offerings from Elena Blair. Elena is a family and newborn photographer, educator, and retreat leader who specializes in Lifestyle Photography — a style that is artistic yet uncontrived, emphasizing human connection over perfection.

In her Behind the Scenes Lifestyle and Newborn Photography course, you’ll come along with Elena on a Maternity shoot with the whole family, where Elena shows you how her Maternity shoots help her get to know them before entering their homes for the intimate experience of her Newborn shoots. Then, you’ll see 3 different newborn sessions in 3 client homes, experiencing how Elena captures precious photos of infants when they rarely leave their parents arms. No props or specialized training is needed for these newborn photos — just your camera.

In Elena’s Behind the Scenes Lifestyle Family course, you’ll learn how to create amazing family photographs without using any artificial lights, reflectors, posing aids, or props — all in the great outdoors.

Before It’s Too Late

These awesome deals will be here and gone faster than the Spring flowers, so don’t wait. Head on over to The Portrait Masters Store today to take advantage of this incredible 30-40% savings off all the useful and inspiring courses and products in The Portrait Masters Store.