Jamie Goode

JME Studios (Jamie NOT J M E)

Tyler, Texas
I love photographing people! I'm fun, energetic, funny and love challenges! My name is Jamie Goode. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas; but I grew up in the East Texas area. My late mother gave me my first camera when I was seven years old, that began my adventure. After losing my mother, her kidnapping was a tragic chapter in my life, I realized I wanted to give mothers & daughters images to cherish, as I only have a few of my mother & I. I've been a photographer for nearly 30 years, but the last fifteen years I turned it into a business. I love and prefer the modeling and fashion world, as well as glamour, boudoir and headshots/personal branding. I've also worked with people from the tiny ones to the silver haired heroes. My love for black and whites are my favorite! My goal is to make every person I work with feel like a queen or king, even if for just a moment! When I'm not shooting, you can probably find me spending all my time with my husband and my g.babies. I'm a mom to five; my daughter in heaven and my other four amazingly wild kids (28, 27, 26 & 23), plus my nine beautiful g.babies. I have an amazing man who loves me and supports my dreams no matter how huge they get. I am a self-taught photographer based out of Tyler Texas. If you want to walk out of my studio feeling like a million dollars and be treated like a celebrity or a queen, come see me....It's the only way I know how!