Kitti McMeel

Kitti McMeel Portraits

Westlake Village CA
Kitti McMeel is a portrait photographer and motivational speaker living and working in Westlake Village, California. Kitti knows what it takes to start anew in life and has reinvented herself multiple times. She holds a patent in Programming of a speech processor for an implantable cochlear stimulator, has toured all over the country as a lead singer/lead guitar player, served as a consultant on emergency management software design for incident control used by government agencies including those managing the 911 terror attack and managed a 260 acre horse and avocado ranch. Kitti began her photography career after stumbling upon an online class presented by Sue Bryce, an international photographer and educator and was convinced that she could in fact, become a photographer in 28 days as Sue promised. She vowed then to become a photographer to meet and be photographed by Sue and build and maintain a successful portrait studio. Within a year of beginning her new career she accomplished all of that and more becoming a part of Sue’s international support team for workshops and online through sheer hard work, determination and a #findaway attitude. In just a few years Kitti has been featured in Voyage LA magazine, and Sue Bryce’ keynote presentation at the WPPI 2016 conference in Las Vegas, NV. You can see Kitti's studio tour on Sue Bryce’s Studio Tours web series which highlights highly successful portrait studios worldwide. Kitti was personally mentored and trained by Sue Bryce and listed by as one of Sue’s recommended photographers. Kitti’s portraits have been published in Society Social Calendar, Beauty Revived magazines, The Acorn, Rethinking Your Future and Marie Kitti has reached the level of Master Photographer in the Portrait Masters Accreditation program and serves as a supporter to Sue Bryce Education.She recently earned two Silver Distinction awards for WPPI. This honor is rare and coveted by wedding and portrait photographers. For more about Kitti: