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Your Business is Your Service

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Your Business is Your Service

It is how you sell. It is the backbone and blood of your business. It is the art of giving. When you hear the word “service”, you should really hear “intention”. Listen as Sue guides us through how to run our business from a state of creation, not a comparison, all with how we look at our own service. Learn how to shift from a place of need into a place of giving, why you should never compare yourself to other photographers, and how ‘dialing it in’ is actually a heart attack waiting to happen in your business.

Key Points:


* The intent in which you work, the state in which you dwell, the intention with which you do anything, is permeating out of you ALL OF THE TIME and this affects every single part of your business.

* There are so many ways that we give: We give because we get something in return, we give to be liked, we give to be good people and for humility, we give out of guilt

* Service operated business is a value exchange. It is as simple as this: I give you a service and you pay me in return. But, and this is a BIG but, if your intention/value/service is off, it won’t work.

* When you provide amazing service, you will get repeat clients and those clients will tell their friends, their family, their co-workers, anyone who can listen. That is what women do when they have good service — they talk about it. If you are providing great service, most of your clients should be coming from referrals and word-of-mouth.


* Stop trying to validate yourself in the industry and start focusing on offering great service! If you want more bookings and more clients, STOP competing with other photographers, STOP blogging to other photographers, STOP looking daily at other photographers and what they are doing

* If you are doing these things, you are not focused on your own service. When your energy is competitive, it is not an energy of giving! You need to stop competing and start looking for clients.

* Your clients DO NOT CARE about what other photographers are doing and how you rank among them. They care about WHAT THEY ARE GETTING FROM YOU.

* If you are in a negative place or feeling negative energy, you must “return to service” to shift right back into that place of giving.

* When you are burned out and not giving great service, the money that you used to make will start to drain away. If you are burned out and no longer feeling invigorated, you have two choices:


* If you can’t reconnect at all to what you used to love doing and you can’t return to giving, then you really need to move on.

* The fastest way to return to giving is to remember what it is you do for other people when you give service — this brings you back to love and positive energy!

* Giving with enthusiasm means you are not worried about “the take”. You are not worried about what you are getting back. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

* Be careful, though, that you aren’t over giving! Being an over giver is different than giving with enthusiasm. You all know this person who says they give and they give and they do this for you and they do so much for everybody……this is really a POOR ME… look how much I do and I get nothing in return.

* Being an over giver means you are not focusing on service! You are making it all about you!

* If you are over-giving, you are giving into the poor me, drama energy, when really what you need is support. Listen to your voice and instead of buying into it, find support. In your friend, in your partner, someone you trust. Let them know you need help.


* When you restore and reconnect to service, everything will start changing! Bringing it back to service means you are back in business.


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