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Flow Posing Men/Women Compared
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1:25:47 Duration

Flow Posing Men/Women Compared

In previous courses, Sue took the time to walk us through flow posing for a woman and flow posing for a man. In this course, she will walk you through the comparison of the two. This is a very detailed course that starts with a LIVE of Sue and Este flow posing side by side. This way you can see the comparison of the movement as they are right next to each other.

Next, you will see a Q & A segment where Sue is there to answer many of the questions you might have when it comes to flow posing. She answers a lot of other questions as well.

Last,  you will see that Sue has created a keynote. With this keynote,  you are able to compare the side by side portraits of Erika and Este. Seeing these portraits next to each other while listening to Sue explain why or why not a pose would work for each sex, make understanding flow posing so much easier. Sue used her nearly 30 years of posing experience to put together such a detailed course on flow posing.

There are about 60 different poses in the sitting portion of these courses alone. “This is a sequence that if you can lock down 60 poses, it will change the way you shoot, the way you pose, the way you direct, the way you connect and how confident you are. You won’t want to miss out on this one!” -Sue Bryce


flow posing men and women compared



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