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50:52 Duration

Shooting with Angles

So much of shooting portrait is the adjustment of angles and how they change the shape of your client’s body. In this video, watch as Sue will live shoot using different focal lengths. This will show you the power of angles, tilts and composition and how to use them for your advantage.

First things first, you want to make sure you are eye to eye with your client. If they sit, you sit. If they stand, you stand. This is where apple boxes come in handy. They come in half sizes and are great for getting you eye to eye with your client. This is important in helping with shooting with angles.

Then, Sue goes over the different lenses. She will show you how old rules are no longer relevant and that you can get gorgeous photos by breaking these rules. You’ll learn what the difference is in these lenses and how to tilt to find the best angle with each one. You have to find the lens that you are most comfortable with so that you are able to become a master at finding the right angle.

The end of the course is a LIVE Q&A where Sue addresses viewer’s questions about shooting with angles.


shooting with angles




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