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Natural Light Studio

Ever wonder how Sue gets that super soft and beautiful look in her portraits? Learn how to manipulate natural light, use V-flats, reflectors, scrims, and backlight to create stunning images for your clients.
Key points:

  • Have your assistant or a friend hold a piece of foamcore for the ultimate reflector.
  • Work out where the “hot spots” are in your studio for natural light – areas where the light fills in the most.
  • When using a V-flat as a backdrop, turn it 45 degrees towards the window to get that beautiful flat light.
  • If you’re shooting outside, you can create a “lightbox” using two V-flats and scrim over the top. (TIP: You can also use chiffon fabric instead of a scrim.)
  • Recreate natural light by using a Kino shining through a scrim.
  • Using an ND Filter on your lens can give you even more control over the amount of light you let in.

Items Used:

  • Foamcore board (reflector)
  • White chiffon fabric (to drape over the window, or use over the top of a lightbox)
  • Elinchrom Strobe
  • Elinchrom Deep Dish Octa
  • Kino Constant Light
  • ND Filter