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2:31:16 Duration

Mirror Posing

Join Sue Bryce as she teaches photographers the tricks and trades of mirror posing. In this monthly live, she will explain the best ways to pose your clients to find what angle works best by having them mirror you. Posing is such an important tool because it is what will make your client look great and feel comfortable. When your client feels comfortable with you, they will come back again and again!

Do you struggle with how to pose your curvy clients? Not sure what to do with hands? Need help with creating a beautiful hourglass shape? Tune in! All of these questions and more are brought up in this series. Sue breaks the mirror posing tutorial down into short videos making it easy to comprehend or skip to what you may be struggling with:

  1. Intro
  2. What is Mirroring
  3. The Rules
  4. The Chin
  5. The Shoulders
  6. The Hands
  7. The Hourglass
  8. Asymmetry
  9. Body Language
  10. Expression and Connection
  11. Posing From the Feet Up
  12. Sitting Posing From the Feet Up
  13. The Ottoman
  14. The Recline
  15. The Dress

Learning how to pose your clients with the mirror posing technique will help you become a more efficient photographer and help you seamlessly guide your clients to positions best suited for them.


Mirror Posing



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