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Introduction: Clarity is Power!

In this introduction to the brand-new coaching program for The Portrait System, Sue Bryce sets the stage for the transformational experience of building a business—whether you’re starting from scratch or are looking to make a breakthrough that takes you to new heights.

Through Sue’s teaching and the expert coaching of Cat Ford-Coates and Saray Taylor-Roman, the 12 Month Startup will help you find what lights you up and define what you want as a business owner and photographer. “Clarity is power!” Sue says. “When you have clarity and you’ve got that certainty and conviction, you really know what you want, you know who your client is, you know what you want to create—it’s easy to show up every…single…day.”

Get excited to set your intention for this year of coaching; to learn what lights you up; to confront fears and uncertainties and uncomfortable moments and turn them into the experiences that make you an incredible business owner.