Included in the Premium Plan

We are all built differently, but we all pose the same. Becoming confident in the fundamentals of posing and direction will change your business.

In The Pose Series, Sue teaches you the foundations of flow posing on models with three different body types. You’ll learn how to adapt the same fundamentals to any client, so they’ll feel safe, comfortable, and empowered in front of your camera.

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Posing Foundations That Work For All Body Types

You’ll learn to pose clients while sitting, standing against a wall, standing free without support, using the floor while sitting and laying down, and while sitting or standing with a beauty table. Sue shows how any body type can do all the poses at each level, but it’s most important to pay attention to what is comfortable and naturally flattering for each individual person.


How To Give Your Clients Confident Direction 

When you can direct your clients with confidence and ease, they will spend less time worrying about how they look and more time in relaxed confidence, feeling gorgeous, empowered, and safe.


Tips For Activating the Body, Engaging Expression, & Capturing Beautiful Connection 

By bringing yourself and your clients through Sue’s foundations, you can create beautiful shapes and engaging expressions, so you can capture images your clients will love.


Use different levels and stagger poses while creating shapely frames with limbs and hourglass figures using arms and hips.

Use the shoulder and chin to connect your client to the camera and capture authentic expressions.

Use tilts, angles and compositions as you change and flow through posing sequences with multiple body types.

Get so confident in the fundamentals that you can set your clients at ease and help them feel empowered, fierce, and so beautiful.

"I want you to be powerful photographers, directors, and posers because it will change your business." - Sue Bryce