The Portrait System

The Portrait System is a five module educational system that walks you through every aspect of running a photography business.

These lessons cover lighting, posing, business fundamentals, pricing, sales, and marketing. You’ll learn how to replace your 9-5 job and make more in a month than ever before. You’ll fill your schedule with dream clients who make your heart happy and who love working with you so much that they keep coming back for more. You’ll be in control of your calendar and have more time for the things you love, like your family. And you’ll kick the imposter syndrome, so you are confident in your worth and your ability to ask for it.  


Build Your Portfolio

Learn the basics of building a studio space, posing, lighting, makeup and hair, as well as editing and retouching. Watch shoots be broken down into simple steps so you can interact and guide your clients confidently, while creating stunning images along the way. This module will give you all the beautiful basics you need to identify your passion and build a portfolio you’ll love to sell the heck out of.

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Pricing For Profit

Sue guides you through the process of knowing your cost of business to then help you build packages that will make your studio profitable. This module includes courses on pricing psychology and mindset as well as guidance to break through a major roadblock for pricing yourself at your worth -- self-value.

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Marketing Made Easy

Learn how to create an impactful website, amp up your networking skills, and conquer social media to flaunt your work like a pro. Discover the secrets of vouchers, nail those business-to-business connections, and adopt a killer marketing mindset to stand out in saturated markets. Plus, we'll dive into the magic of email marketing to keep your clients hooked.

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Business Mastery

From networking like a boss to nailing client consultations, we’ll guide you through closing the deal, wowing clients during the image reveal, and even scoring those precious referrals. You’ll also learn how to uncover your core beliefs about money so that you can go from a situation of just surviving to one of thriving.

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Success Mindset

To achieve the business of your dreams and really get what you want out of life, you need to have clarity on what exactly it is you want. We’ll guide you through getting that clarity, aligning your emotions powerfully behind it, and becoming an action-oriented manifesting machine. Mindset is the bedrock of achieving your goals. Get equipped to master it.

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