Jill O'Meara

Jill O'Meara Photography

Enfield, Co Meath , Ireland
Hi, I am Jill. I am  a mother to three boys, two of the younger boys are twins. Photography is my passion. It's an incredible feeling to be working at something I love. My mission is simple, It's to create portraits of the people you love the most, Your Family. I'm an award winning portrait photographer and my studio is located in Enfield Co Meath in Ireland. My Promise, My photo-shoots are fun, engaging and quick. You might think that you aren't photogenic or that you hate having your photo taken. I will bring the best out of you and your family. I love to create portraits that show the best version of you. I am always smiling behind the camera as I love what I do. Let me show you how to be confident in photos. I offer a personal and fun experience in the studio. Life can be so busy, so it's nice to press pause and treat yourself to an incredible luxury experience. How nice to get a professional hair and makeover and you see the best version of you. Book a lunch after the shoot as you are going to look and feel incredible.