Hazel Blake


Broome Western Australia
I’m a woman’s portrait photographer. I have been blessed with a big overweight body all of my life, and I say blessed because it has finally become a gift. It now helps me to do what do now, because I painfully know what it feels like to not be comfortable in your own skin. I know what if feels like to hide yourself, not wanting to be in any photographs and to know how disappointed I will feel. The first time I was professionally photographed, it blew my mind, I had no idea that cameras could be used for good not evil. That set my on a year long journey of self portraiture, learning how to use light, posing and angles to create beautiful pictures of myself. Once I could do this for myself I realised I could do this for all women. I am an award winning and accredited contemporary and creative photographer. I shoot magazine style portraits, offering a unique personalised experience whether you are wanting professional headshot, family or personal portraits. I am particularly passionate about promoting self worth and self love in all women of all ages. Not when you’ve lost weight, not later, but now, celebrating you, just as you are today. My portrait sessions are fully driven by what each woman wants. I take photographs to change how women see themselves and I love to have fun and laughs with them while doing this. I truly believe at our core we all want to be seen.