Kim Bales

Kim Bales Photography

San Diego, CA
My name is Kim Bales and I am a Portrait Photographer based in San Diego, CA. My mission is to empower people through portraiture. Sometimes in life we tend to put our needs and ourselves after everyone else. We store little pieces of ourselves away to make way for some change or something new. And if we are not careful in caring for ourselves, we might forget our fire completely. I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. And if it has already, I want to re-introduce you to the vibrant amazing person that you’ve always been, but may not always see. There is a beautiful story inside you and I’d like to show that person back to you. Our time together will inspire a renewed sense of confidence in yourself that you get to revisit time and time again through the artwork you choose to take home. I believe that when we acknowledge the light within ourselves we can better honor it and share it with others.