Rebecca Shepard

Rebecca Shepard Studios

Parsons Kansas
I firmly believe it's never to late to become who you want to be - or chase your dreams! I didn't even discover my passion for photography until after I married my hunky contractor husband; had two amazing kids, and I was staying up late every single night - obsessed with creating beautiful images for my family and friends. I'm so glad I listened to the dream that wouldn't go away - went back to school, joined SBE and in August 2016 I opened my studio full time. I am now an Associate Photographer with The Portrait Masters, and get excited every Sunday night for Monday to come and bring another day for creating! Sometimes life goes according to plan, and sometimes the magic is in the chances you take for a dream bigger than you planned. Either way, your life, loves and your story deserve to be told. I can't wait to create with you- to tell YOUR story! xoxo - Rebecca