Christina Samuelson

Christina Samuelson Portraits

Bozeman, MT
My mission is that every woman will love, honor and accept herself as she is in this moment. I opened my portrait studio so that I can empower women to own their natural beauty, let their light shine and see that they are enough to exist in photographs just as they are in this moment. I created my Transformational Portrait Experience as a powerful tool for self-expression and self-love. Your portraits are a beautiful representation of how you choose to value, perceive and appreciate yourself. When you show up as the most empowered version of yourself, you are telling the world that you do belong here and you are not here to play small, you will play full out and by that you will lead the way for others to do the same. I have worked with amazing clients from all walks of life, from Silicon Valley executives to everyday women and they all had one desire in common, to feel confident in front of the camera so they could show up as the most powerful, authentic version of themselves. At any given moment, you have a choice, you can decide to reveal or conceal more of yourself. I started my career in photography partly because I felt safe hiding behind the camera. Little did I know back then that having the life and business I wanted required me to stop hiding. I now invite you to do the same, stop hiding and be seen. It is my greatest joy to create portraits that truly reflect who you are from the inside out and helps you connect with that most empowered version of you every day! Own your moment, own your life!