Lisa Marie Pane

L.M. Pane Portraits

Boise, Idaho
My aim is to ensure clients look good and feel good during and after every session, capturing them in ways that captivate and motivate and empower. My style ranges from modern contemporary headshots and personal branding sessions to Vanity Fair style portraits. Each photoshoot is customized to meet the needs of the people who entrust me with their portraits. Life goes by so fast and I believe in the power of glamorous portraits that capture you at this moment in time, creating keepsakes to be treasured for generations. I'm a native New Englander who after years living in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia, now calls Boise, Idaho, home. When I’m not behind a camera, you’re likely to find me out running or biking along the Boise Greenbelt, hiking in the Foothills or Sawtooth Mountains, or skiing at Bogus Basin. I’m also a java junkie and can be bribed with a Human Bean chocolate-covered coffee bean.