Nicole Gates

Nicole Gates Photography LLC

McAllen, Texas
Nicole Gates is a professional Portrait Photographer located in the very southern part of Texas in McAllen, Texas. She has been a photographer her entire life and a self-proclaimed shutterbug. Anyone who knows her knows she will have a camera in hand at all times. Nicole opened up her very first home studio in McAllen, Texas in 2014 and opened her professional studio in McAllen, Texas in November 2019 after retiring from a 21 year career in a profession where she honed in on her skills to look for the truth in everyone she met. Her genuine approach, sense of humor, her love of bringing out the unique and personal beauty of each of her subjects is seen in her work and in her writing. Nicole specializes in glamour photography, magazine-style contemporary portraits of women, men and children and also holds a soft spot for teens and high school seniors. Nicole knows that this is the time when people are discovering who they are and who they want to be. Nicole never meets a stranger and has a unique ability of making everyone feel comfortable in front of her camera. She captures the true essence of people and has helped transform and empower her subjects by showing each and every one of them how amazing they are. Nicole is looking forward to seeing you in her studio!