Daniela Contini

Daniela Contini Photographer

Kfar Saba - Israel
Hi, I am an Italian Israeli based in Israel. I was a painting restorer, and grow up in Italy. I live in Israel since 1996. In 2011 I started to enter the photography world and totally fell in love. I went to study in a private school which gave me some tools and continued to learn by myself more into depth about photography. I have a little studio at home in the attic of our apartment. It's not bad, I miss higher ceilings... I started to do Personal Branding and Headshots. Then I met Sue Bryce on the web and she gave me all this Incredible Online Photography Academy of Professional Portrait. I still do only Personal Branding, but I also want to start doing Contemporary Portraits. My clients love how I photograph them, I'm starting to feel more secure and confident.