Suszi McFadden

Suz McFadden Photo

Sunnyvale, CA
Suszi purchased her first DSLR camera more than 10 years ago when her nephews started moving too fast for her old point-and-shoot (resulting in blurry images of the backs of their heads). From that point on, she was hooked. A family hobby soon became a professional calling, starting with pet photography and evolving into portraiture. Throughout the years, Suszi has been on a continual quest to further her craft and explore new avenues of expression. Her mission is to make her portrait clients feel strong, powerful, and beautiful the moment they walk in the door—and ensure that they hold on to that feeling long after their session is over. She has had images published worldwide, with credits including NY Times best-sellers, international magazines, and network news sites, and has had photographs exhibited in galleries throughout California. She does most of her work out of her home studio in Sunnyvale, CA.