Lorna Mazza

Lorna Mazza Photography

Melbourne, Florida
I am Lorna Mazza, a photographer based in Melbourne, Florida. When I was in my teens, I discovered my love for drawing and oil painting. I taught myself how to paint and was active in the Arts Club designing tickets and posters for school fairs and helping with theater props for the Drama Club. I also instantly became a shutterbug after my father came back from a trip to Japan with my very own starter camera, a Minolta-16 Model-P. While I considered getting a degree in Fine Arts, I studied Chemistry instead. It was not until I finished college when I learned to shoot with a 35mm film SLR. My father was kind enough to share his new Nikon FE while I took some "distance learning" courses at the New York Institute of Photography. I later got my own Nikon F3 and upgraded over the years. While my husband and I raised our three sons, I also worked as a research chemist for a large specialty chemical company. As a busy mom, my photography experience became mainly focused on events, such as birthdays, Holy Communion, Confirmation, graduations, children's sports, field trips and travel. Later, I quickly embraced digital SLR photography realizing that I can experiment, learn and gain experience in other genres of photography and elevate my level of creativity and versatility. As my love for photography became apparent to my friends and community, I was presented with a variety of photo opportunities for events including fundraising, weddings, anniversaries and renewal of vows, family and newborn portraits, debutante ball and birthday milestones and photographed numerous First Holy Communion and Confirmation as a volunteer for our church. I also gained experience in architectural and real estate photography since my husband, Tony, is an architect and I am a licensed real estate broker. Tony and I are runners and have planned our "run-cation" and travel to national parks and scenic spots so that we can do nature photography as well.