Nicholas Cormier

Sickled Foot Photography

Bangor, ME
People: I’m not photogenic - I need to lose weight first - you don’t want to photograph me.... My response: You ARE photogenic and I DO want to photograph you! It’s my job to direct and pose you, to make you feel as confident and beautiful as you really are. It’s my wish to photograph you as truly and authentically as possible. It’s my mission to create beautiful images that celebrate who you are, so your family and friends can cherish them forever. I want to show you how truly amazing everyone else sees you! It’s never too soon to enjoy a day that’s all about you - tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Hello, and thank you for checking out Sickled Foot Photography! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a portrait photographer based in Bangor, Maine. I invite you to come to my studio where you will be treated like a celebrity for the day. I assure you, my team and I will make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable the moment you walk through the studio doors; that you will love everything about the session from beginning to end; and we’ll have fun with it! The services provided here at Sickled Foot Photography are truly unique and I’m proud to say, of excellent quality. I look forward to having you here! Together, let’s make these portraits your legacy.