Tamara Burk


Does the expectation to be photographed make you feel tense? Leave your daily grind behind and experience some exciting and at the same time relaxed hours in Tamaras cozy photostudio with an extraordinary view over a beautiful Black-Forest-Valley. It's the perfect base for your portrait-shooting experience. Tamara helps you to allow yourself to feel good about being your authentic, powerful, beautiful and glamorous self. Beauty is, when you appreciate yourself - and if you don't already know - you will see: it's OK to love yourself! The moment to be aware of that - that is what Tamara calls the SOULFRAMES-moment. And that is, what everyone can see as a result in the photos she creates for you. Tamara cares about your personality - she cares about you and she sees you! That is why you can be sure to get photos you'll be proud of!