Anita Watkins

Anita Watkins Photography

London, Ontario
I have reached the age where I have no more f#@*s to give. I spent too much of my life ruled by fear. Fear of failure. Fear of making the right decisions. Fear of letting people down. Fear of happiness. I. Am. Done. I am a portrait and personal branding photographer in London, Ontario, for people who want to return to their offbeat, audacious and unstoppable selves. I believe it is cool to secretly want to trade in your minivan for a Miata. I believe that Disney is great for a family trip, once. I believe that it is perfectly ok to build your wings AS you are falling off the cliff. In fact, it is the only way to live. You are allowed to have a bigger and grander life than you ever allowed yourself to imagine. My mission is to empower you to move past your fears and have kick-ass photos as proof. I am Anita Watkins. Always on. Slightly off.