Emmarie Jackson

Emmarie Jackson Photographer

Arlington, TX
I'm so honored that you came to stop by to get to know a little about me! I am a businesswoman, an award winning, internationally published fashion and boudoir photographer. I photograph couples as well, and my wedding work has also been featured worldwide. But overall, I consider myself a "Woman's Photographer" because I work mostly with women promoting confidence and women empowerment. My work has been featured across North America, Amsterdam, France and the U.K. I love beauty and fashion. I grew up collecting fashion magazines, not knowing then, what I would become today. On the days that I don’t photograph, I still find myself looking though fashion magazines and makeup, trying to put together my next styling project. Which is why High Fashion, Beauty and Boudoir have earned a special place in my heart. My aesthetic is modern, yet elegant. I am not afraid to be different. I can also go back in time and put my own twist to an old trend and make it my own. I love celebrating the modern woman by empowering her, and showing her the best version of herself she can be, through the lens, but most of all, my eyes.