Bonita Elias

Zelda216 Media Photography

My name is Bonita Elias and I am a member of PPA and IFPO American News Press. But to me credentials mean nothing unless you enjoy what you do when it comes to creating. I create beautiful images of women no matter their age, ethnicity or size. From the slender to the curvy plus size woman, sexy boudoir and modern glamour photography is for all women. I love creating a beautiful photography experience for women who wish to feel pampered and cherished. I do this thru my camera lens and shoot luxury contemporary portraits, lifestyle portraits, and intimate boudoir photography sessions.. Since I shoot photography for women, I know how important creating beautiful images can be for that important day. Photography has always provided a creative outlet for me to help see the world and capture that moment in time that truly matters. I will often do creative sessions that have nothing to do with my specialties. Look out Food Recipe World! I love being a Cleveland Glamour & Boudoir Photographer and also shoot Glamour & Boudoir in Washington DC DMV, Tampa Bay, Buffalo and Pittsburgh for customized Glamour & Boudoir Photography. I meet amazing women from all different backgrounds and we have a wonderful time during the photography session. We enjoy music, refreshments, makeup, conversations, laughter and fun. At the end of the session, I want the women who spend time with me to feel as if they have had the time of their life and that they were treated like a Goddess for the day and spent time with new friends. I call my boudoir experience the Goddess Empowerment. I became very interested in photography at a very young age, but didn't really focus my creative energies into photography until I discovered I did not have a lot of photographic memories of my wonderful Mom & Dad who have passed on. I now create in the hopes that I am providing generations of memories for friends and families for their loved ones. I have a quirky sense of humor, love fashion, make-up and perfume and I love to travel too. BTW, I have a motto! When God gives you lemons, make lemon drop martinis!