Rosaura Sandoval

Rosaura Studios

SF / Bay Area / Fremont
A portrait is forever – it’s a legacy. It’s for you, your family and all those that haven’t even been born yet. I see beauty in everyone. I stop time for people. Let me stop time for you. My name is Rosaura and I'm a vanity-faire style Portrait Photographer. I specialize in creating timeless yet contemporary images for women, men, families, seniors, maternity, headshots and personal branding for business people and entrepreneurs. I adore photographing people of all shapes and sizes and ethnicities... mothers, daughters, mothers and daughters, multi-generations, entrepreneurs, high-tech, musicians, artists, athletes. Come as you are, we will style your hair and makeup and together we will craft something that you've always dreamed and hoped for. I invite you to come to my studio based in San Francisco Bay Area and experience the most fun and uplifting time where you will leave loving yourself more, in love with your images, feel seen and like a movie star for the day. Let's connect!