Rodney Pedroza

Rodney Pedroza Portraits

London, UK
As a Master Photographer, Rodney has risen up the ranks, achieving endless photography accreditations, recognising his ‘high professional standards.’ So, rest be assured, you are in the hands of an award-winning portrait photographer, working with a true professional in the industry. Hola, I’m Rodney, after years of being a self-proclaimed selfie king, I decided to get serious about living my dream as a professional portrait photographer, and here I am! I specialise in Vanity Fair, Vouge, or Glamour style photoshoots, because YOU are the cover of this magazine, you decide, I just make it happen. My mission is simple; I want you to feel gooood, energised and beautiful! It’s perfectly normal for some women to come into the studio, feeling a mixed bag of nerves and excitement. As long as you leave buzzing, loving you, and ready to tackle the world, or even the London traffic, I’m good with that, consider this, mission possible! This is more than just a photoshoot, it’s my why. You WILL gain stunning images that will surpass you and be celebrated for generations. More importantly, you WILL love you, you will gain a confidence in your body, your beauty and your boldness. This moment of courage will be the first step to the life waiting for you, let’s capture it in all your glory. Thank you for choosing me to be part of your journey, I cannot wait to meet you. p.s, I’m a hugger! Rodney