Charlie Webb

Charlotte Webb Photography

Epsom UK
2020-2024 – 1 Bronze With Distinction Award + 49 Bronze Awards at the Portrait Masters Awards 2020-2024. 2020 – Winner, London Institute of Photography competition 2018 – Set up Charlotte Webb Photography 2016 – Worked with Mango Studios and subsequently Rebecca Price 2013 – Retrained as a photographer in 2013. Pivoted as motherhood, the 2008 recession and magazine closure collided. 2000–2008 – Sub editor and writer at BBC History Magazine and at the BBC’s women’s magazine eve 1999–2000: Fine Art BA (Hons) Degree Photography has always been in my life, though my previous career took me down a writer’s path. Yet I find photography and writing go hand in hand. They both tell a story – just in different ways – and where I can, I use both to tell your story, to create something different, unique and special for you.