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When you sign up for the Professional Plan with The Portrait System, you’ll have at your fingertips everything you need to start, develop, grow, and succeed in creating the portrait photography business of your dreams.

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You’ll have access to our brand-new 12 Month Startup Program, can take you from nothing but the camera on your phone to having your own studio setup, sales portfolio, marketing materials, and your first $1,000 sale. All of this comes along with access to the Members-Only Facebook group, where you will be guided step-by-step through every lesson with the support of our team of amazing mentors and your peers, who want to see you succeed. 

Plus, at the Professional Plan Tier, you will also receive so much more!

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Learn how to pose every body to flatter it the most. When you become confident in giving posing direction, your clients will feel confident, and you’ll get gorgeous shots of them they’ll love to buy. 


Learn how to work with natural light, constant light, strobes, reflectors, diffusors, and more. You’ll learn how to create different lighting styles, so you can have a variety of beautiful looks at hand as you develop your brand and expand your repertoire of technical ability that leads to beautiful images. 


Explore wardrobe, backdrops, jewelry, hair, hats, hairpieces, aesthetics that are classic, experimental, vintage, and more. The sky is the limit, and you’ll find loads of different ideas that will get your creative juices flowing as you create one-of-a-kind portraits for your clients or for your artistic pleasure.  


Learn tricks and hacks for retouching that will help you achieve realistic images that show your clients how others see them and remember them without those minor flaws that no one else notices. You’ll learn how to streamline your process and accomplish your edits as efficiently and painlessly as possible. 


Once again, the sky is the limit when you are expressing your creativity through your photoshoots. The Portrait System library has shoots by the incredible Sue Bryce and guest educators like boudoir-expert Kara Marie that will take you through the entire photoshoots from setting lights, posing, adjusting camera settings, retouching and more. 


Learn how to host and appear at in-person events, how to create digital and print marketing, campaigns, and more. You’ll learn how to talk to people with so much confidence about the value you provide that they’ll want to learn even more about you what your service can do for them.


Selling happens consistently through every point of contact you have with your client. You’ll learn all about this in Sue’s sales intensive. You’ll also get great pointers and scripts to practice for each time you encounter a potential customer or client.


Sue is a business wizard. She’s always learning more about how to develop and grow businesses, so she can help you grow and succeed. Here you’ll learn about SEO, finances, contracts, and development. You’ll also learn the mindset that will help you set goals for your business that are congruent with what you can act on at every stage of your growth. 


How you value yourself shows up immediately in how much money you earn. Learn how to overcome old blocks and programming that hold you back from valuing yourself at the level you are worth, so you can sell and earn at your full potential.

Monthly and Special Live Broadcasts

Bring your questions to the live chat feed. They can be on topic, but you can also ask questions on anything that is covered in The Portrait System or anything else related to your business that you want to learn about. Sue and our mentors love to see you there, to hear your questions, and to share her expert advice to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

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The 12 Month Startup is the evolution of Sue Bryce’s life-changing coaching program, which has helped thousands of photographers learn The Portrait System business model and create beautiful brands and successful, sustainable portrait photography businesses.

In this new program created to address today’s portrait photography market, Sue sets the tone and issues the challenges. Then, mentors Cat Ford-Coates and Saray Taylor-Roman deliver live coaching to answer your questions and share their experiences building six-figure businesses with The Portrait System business model.

Access to Our Private, Members-Only Facebook Group

Share your work, your story, your struggles, and your victories. Inspire and be inspired with a global community of your peers – portrait photographers at all levels of experience who have come together to grow and help each other succeed. The group is hosted by our team of experienced mentors who you can tag on your posts when you need help and are looking for answers.  


You’ll have unlimited use of the pricing calculator, which helps you figure out 3 package prices – low, medium, and high – to help you achieve a sales average that matches your financial goals and desired work-life balance. Just plug numbers in, such as, how much you want to make in a year, how many shoots you want to do a month, and your monthly expenses, and our calculator will run the numbers and let you know what you should charge.


There are many steps you’ll need to take to get your photography studio up and running. Our Studio Startup Tracker is a customizable list that covers all of them, so you don’t need to worry about losing track of them and can mark them off as you go along. Step by step, one goes far.


You’ll receive these practical and useful PDFs that you can save and print so that you can reference them whenever you need to, including:

  • Camera Basics Guide
  • Studio Setup Guide
  • Posing Guide
  • Curves Posing Examples
  • Couch Posing Examples
  • Ottoman Posing Examples
  • Complete Lighting Guide
  • Photoshop & Lightroom Guide
  • Makeup Guide
  • Confidence & Networking Workbook
  • Pricing & Product Guide
  • Contact Sheet Examples
  • Contact Sheet Templates
  • Zoom Sales Consultation
  • SBE Marketing Guide

You’ll also have access to
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Partner, TPM, & PMA Discounts

When you’re looking for gear and services, look no further than your exclusive discounts page. We’ve got your covered with our trusted vendors and discounts that can’t be beat.

Ability to Achieve Gold & Platinum Rewards

We love our members. You rock our world, and we love to celebrate and thank you for your continued loyalty. The longer you stay a member, the more rewards you’ll earn!


FREE GIFT: Kara Marie’s Boudoir Posing Card Sampler

Kara Marie has over 10 years experience shooting the exciting and popular genre of boudoir. Here are four digital boudoir posing cards for your boudoir posing toolbox!

To claim your free gift, email support@theportraitmasters.com after you join!

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“Working with The Portrait System and Sue Bryce Education has been absolutely career changing. You will not find a more comprehensive educational platform for not only all things photography, but how to build a business, run a sales session, market your business and the key ingredient – self value. There is no stone left unturned as far as what you need to start, launch and build a successful photography business. Once I implemented what I learned from Sue Bryce and the educators on The Portrait System, I have grown to a $2700 sales average and am running a six figure photography business. If you do the work, you will be successful. Best investment I’ve made in my business and my self growth that I’ve made. Highly recommend anything under The Portrait System. I will forever have gratitude for the life this has helped me build.”

-Angie, TPS Member



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For a limited time, we are offering you a FREE gift when you become a member: Kara Marie’s Boudoir Posing Card Sampler! Full deck available in The Portrait Masters Store. To claim your gift, email support@theportraitmasters.com after becoming a member.