Sharing Your Business 50-50 With Another Photographer- with Nichole Kolb

Today on The Portrait System Podcast, host, photographer and educator Nikki Closser interviews Illinois-based maternity and newborn photographer Nichole Kolb. Nichole shares her business 50-50 with another photographer and tells us all about how she makes that system work for her to maximize her profits and grow her business.

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Episode Summary:

In this insightful episode of The Portrait System Podcast, our host Nikki Closser chats with Nicole Kolb, a photographer who shares her business with another photographer. Nicole delves into how they manage to run a successful photography studio together, discussing their roles, the division of labor, and how they handle profits. She also highlights how they include an associate photographer to cover shoots they prefer not to do, such as weddings. Nicole shares valuable insights on increasing sales averages in the St. Louis area and outlines her future goals.

Key Topics Covered:

Transitioning to Shared Business Model: Nicole discusses the benefits and challenges of sharing her photography business with a partner and how they complement each other’s strengths.
Managing a Photography Studio: Details on how they divide responsibilities, from client communication to editing and marketing.
Increasing Sales Averages: Nicole shares strategies she used to boost her sales averages and the importance of client consultations.
Leveraging Associate Photographers Insights on how they utilize an associate photographer to handle shoots they prefer not to take on themselves.

Featured Guest: Nicole Kolb, a talented photographer based in Edwardsville, Illinois, who successfully manages a shared photography business and continues to grow and adapt in the industry.

Host: Nikki Closser

Episode Highlights:

1. Starting a Business Partnership: Nicole shares her journey from starting her photography business at home to finding a partner and moving into a shared studio space.
2. Division of Labor: How Nicole and her business partner split their responsibilities and play to their strengths to manage their business effectively.
3. *lient Interaction and Sales: The importance of client consultations and how offering incentives can help boost sales.
4. Handling Unwanted Shoots: Using an associate photographer to take on shoots such as weddings, ensuring no business opportunity is lost.

Listener Takeaways:

1. The benefits and potential pitfalls of entering into a business partnership.
2. Practical tips on managing a shared photography studio and dividing responsibilities.
3. Strategies for increasing your sales average through client consultations and incentive structures.
4. The value of having an associate photographer to handle specific types of shoots.

Duration: 52:31

Release Date: 06/10/2024

Where to Listen:

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