How Danielle Jenkins Reached a $4000+ Sales Average

Today on The Portrait System Podcast, host, photographer and educator Nikki Closser interviews Dallas-based maternity photographer Danielle Jenkins. Danielle tells us all about her business journey and how she markets and prices herself to achieve an over $4000 sales average.

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Episode Summary:

In this engaging episode of The Portrait System Podcast, our host Nikki Closser sits down with Danielle Jenkins, a talented photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Danielle primarily focuses on maternity photography but incorporates other shoots to expand her client base. She shares her unique approach to including passion projects like photographing residents in assisted living facilities and discusses her pricing strategies and marketing techniques. Danielle’s story is inspiring, showcasing how photographers can tailor their businesses to their personal strengths and life circumstances.

Key Topics Covered:

Transitioning to Maternity Photography: Danielle talks about how she found her niche in maternity photography and the influence of the Portrait Masters conference in shaping her business.
Incorporating Passion Projects: She explains her special project photographing residents in assisted living facilities and the emotional and business considerations involved.
Client Retention Strategies: Danielle shares how she encourages repeat business by offering diverse photo shoot options like boudoir minis and fatherhood campaigns.
Pricing and Sales Techniques: Insights into Danielle’s pricing structure and how she achieves an average sale of $4,500 by showing a variety of images and offering high-quality folio boxes.

Featured Guest:
Danielle Jenkins, a dedicated maternity photographer in Dallas, Texas, who balances her professional and personal life while maintaining a successful photography business.

Host: Nikki Closser

Episode Highlights:

1. Finding Your Niche: Danielle describes how discovering the Portrait Masters and attending their conference helped her focus on maternity photography.
2. Creative Client Engagement: She discusses her various mini-shoots and how they keep her clients returning for more unique photo experiences.
3. Passion Meets Business: The story behind Danielle’s assisted living facility shoots and how she balances emotional fulfillment with business needs.
4. Pricing Strategy Success: Detailed explanation of her pricing tiers and how presenting more image options during reveals increased her sales average.

Listener Takeaways:

1. Follow Your Passion: Your business can change as you grow; it’s important to follow your heart and adapt.
2. Client Communication is Key: Being clear with clients about what to expect from model calls or regular shoots ensures a smooth and transparent experience.
3. Diverse Offerings Can Boost Business: Offering a variety of shoot types keeps clients engaged and returning.

Duration: 58:02

Release Date: 05/20/2024

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