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Money Talks

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Money Talks

Friends and wealth builders, Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles coach you on how to change the way you think, act and feel about money and income. This series of videos will address all the insecurities and anxieties business owners face when it comes to money, as well as provide two different views on creating and treating money in business and in life.


Intro to Sue & Tiff
Sue, the spender and Tiff, the saver compare and contrast their different backgrounds and upbringings on how they came to their own views about saving, accumulating, and spending money. Get ready to challenge and change the way you feel and think about money!


Value Yourself
Description: Sue and Tiff talk about shifting what you value in yourself in order to keep your money – as opposed to letting your money “leak”. They explain how you can have everything that you want once you learn to challenge the voice telling you that you are unworthy.

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Two things that block the river of money: guilt and shame.
  • “Deservatude”: Challenging the idea that you are unworthy or undeserving, shifting what you value in yourself to believe that you are worthy of everything.
  • Money Leaking/Bleeding: your bank account does not lie. Where is your money going? and why?



Value What You Sell
If are struggling in your business, you are often not valuing what you sell. Sue and Tiff shed some light on how to shift your focus away from “I’m not making enough money” and onto the service you are providing for others. Until you fully value your product and the service you provide, you are going to have a hard time selling it.

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Stop thinking about what you’re getting, and how good you are (or aren’t)
  • Start thinking about the service you’re providing, what your clients are getting (what are you giving for their money?)
  • When you value your service, the people paying you will value it as well.



Cost of Doing Business
Do you know your cost of doing business? Do you know what your average sale is? Come to terms with the numbers and face what you’ve been avoiding in your business.

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Do you just want to get paid? Or do you want to build a career?
  • If you don’t know what your cost of doing business is, there is probably a reason you’re avoiding finding out
  • Business is about common sense and taking responsibility



Survival to Thrival
Sue and Tiff compare views on what to do when you go into survival mode in your business. Why are you not making it work? And what’s stopping you from thriving?

Key Things to Take Away:

  • When you’re in survival mode, stop chasing money and start chasing clients.
  • If you feel like you’re sinking in quicksand, look at why you’re not making it work
  • Whatever is stopping you from getting up in the morning and fixing the problem is what you need to work out in yourself first.



Corporate to Business
If you’re thinking of leaving a full-time job to start a business – or if you already have, Sue and Tiff talk about getting out of your own way. Learn to harness your deepest dreams, find out what you really want, and do what it takes to make it work.

Key Things to Take Away:

  • When you hate what you’re doing, it means it’s time for a change
  • There is no back up plan. Get out of your way and run towards what you want
  • Shadow another business owner, find out what their average day looks like. Is it something you really want your life to be?



Altruism is the unselfish concern to the welfare of others, and is a fabulous trait to carry in your business. Sue and Tiff dive into this idea of giving when it comes to money – how and when it is good and also when it can be hurting you and your business.

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Giving is good – but until you receive first, you cannot give altruistically.
  • Be cautious of giving too much with the idea that it “makes you better person”.
  • You build a surplus when you are comfortable receiving money
  • 10% of your surplus can go to giving back, any more than that could be dangerous for your business



The Million Dollar Question
Sue and Tiff get down to the main question: Do you really want to run a business? Or are you using it as an excuse because you are looking for something else?

Key Things to Take Away:

  • A hobby business is when you are spending money, but not making money
  • Are you trying to run a business, or are you trying to be a paid hobbyist?



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