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Family Posing

Join award-winning family portrait photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Michele Celentano, for her BRAND NEW extensive 13‑course video series focused on posing and photographing families. This has become such a passion for Michele, watch and learn to find out why!

Family posing can be difficult but Michelle will take you through all the tips and tricks that have helped her become so successful. Everything from posing small groups of two, all the way to large groups of 12 or more! Michele will teach you to take control as you master her methods of shaping groups. These techniques work with people of all ages and sizes. Her ability to pose these families is astounding.

So if family posing has been difficult for you to perfect in your photography business, you won’t want to miss this course. Learn all the techniques you will need to know in order to take on larger groups with ease so you can produce the best quality portraits for your clients. They will cherish these photos forever!

Family is forever – and once you apply Michele’s principles to your family portraiture, your business will never be the same.


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Family Posing



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