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The Consultation: Mastering Connection, Education, and Delivery

I’m going to do a Consultation and we’re going to create scripts together. Many years ago I mastered the art of Connection, Education and Delivery I could sell a shoot before I could sell the Photos IN FACT I will go as far as saying I mastered the booking 12 years before I mastered the Selling BECAUSE I could entice anyone to a shoot I will show you how I do that I JUST COULDNT DO IT WHEN IT WAS AN EXCHANGE OF MONEY. That took me a lot longer but I will prove to you that you can LEARN to sell.

These are the most powerful touch points to Sell and Connect

First contact: Networking / Elevator pitch / Face to face / Email / Phone call / DM on SOcial

Second contact: Phone consultation / In person consultation / Skype or Zoom

Third contact: The shoot / Touch hold Product / The pricelist again / Book sales session

Fourth contact: The Sales Session

Fifth contact: Deliver product / Ask for referral / Maintain contact

I will hit every First Pitch and Consultation point (questions AND objections) that should exist and give you different ways of saying it or answering so you find your words and your flow.

1: In your visual Marketing PDF or Magazine or Prep Guide
2: On your Website
3: On your Blog and Social Media
4: Phone Script or Question list on the wall in the office