Sales – Session 9 of the 12-Month Startup Program

with Sue Bryce, Cat Ford-Coates, and Saray Taylor-Roman

Making good money depends on a system of momentum that begins with how you value yourself and extends through how you relate to your service, products, and clients.

In this crucial month, you’ll learn how to get over money blocks that keep you from earning and keeping money. You’ll also learn how to create a successful sales system with a valuable product, desirable experience, and a professional price. Creating momentum in your sales system begins with an enticing marketing offers and continues through booking shoots with clients who make purchases that make them so happy they want to give you referrals.

When you value yourself, value your product, and create a sales environment based on the value your clients receive, your confidence grows, and you will make more money!

The 12-Month Startup Program  is a step-by-step guide for achieving your goals. The program is led by world-renowned photographer and educator Sue Bryce and two of her protégés, your breakthrough coaches, Cat Ford-Coates and Saray Taylor-Roman. Sue, Cat, and Saray have all built six-figure businesses with The Portrait System business model. Even if you are starting with nothing, you can join now and learn everything you need to know to launch a sustainable, successful business.

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